Sprained Ankle Recovery Advice

Besides R.I.C.E., what’s the best thing people have done for sprained ankle recovery? I sprained it playing softball today and I have to work (as a cop) on Monday.

If you have to work, see if somebody at the softballclub,the coach?, know how to tape up an ankle.

Not ideal but you minimize the risk off making it worse.

I’m afraid rest is the only thing.

Try changing between hot and cold baths, (ankle only;-))that will speed up recovery abit.

Good luck, a sprained ankle is no fun, I know.

Thanks for the reply. I had just hit a homerun too, and while watching it sail over the fence I stepped on first base awkwardly and rolled my right ankle. I’ve sprained it several times, I think I need to start wearing ankle braces for athletic events all the time as prevention.