Speed Deadlifts

Hello guys, I’ll get straight to the question. Those of you who have done speed deadlifts, did it help you ? And what percentage of 1rep max. did you use ? ( cause the opinions vary, some go as low as 30% others go as high as 80% ) thanks for any input.

A few questions so everyone has a better understanding of your situation: Are you doing Westside? Have you hit a plateau? What are you expecting to get out of it? Are you just experimenting?

Hi, briefly, I squat 3-4 times a week, one day of bench press and one day for deadlift. I’m on holiday during December, so decided to try out something new. I used to max out on conventional pull every week, but I came to a point where I felt I will injure myself if a push any harder.

As a result, I decided not to pull conventional throughout December, but do different variantions of deadlifts 3-4 times a week and max out conventional in January. Instead of conventional, I’m doing straight leg, snatch grip, deficit and I’m thinking about including speed deadlifts. Recovery is not an issue, because I’m used to training every day, sometimes even twice a day, plus, all the deadlift variations are with much lighter weight than my conventional deadlift, so my nervous system doesn’t get too exhausted.

My aim is to work on different aspects of deadlift ( hence so many variations ), give my body a break from heavy conventional pull and as a result, hopefully get stronger.

Some stats:
Squat 212,5 kg atg
Deadlift 302.5 kg raw ( no belt, no straps )

And yes, to answer your question, it’s more of an experiment, cause i got a bit tired of pulling heavy every single week, and since I’ll have free time during December, decided to try something new; I’ve never done snatch grip, deficit or straight leg deadlifts before so this week was very interesting, I was doing a new exercise every second day.

What you are talking about is more of a deload DL day than a speed DL. To get the benefit from them they are something you should do every week on a separate day from you heavy pulls or Heavy squats. Personally I’ve been doing this:
Week 1: work up to 60% for 10 singles
Week 2: work up to 65% for 8-10 singles
Week 3: work up to 70% for 6-10 singles
-Other important notes are that I do these after Dynamic effort squats.
-Occasionally I’ll work up to a heavier single on these if I feel good, but never above 90%.
-As soon as you start to slow down stop.
Your first rep should be just as fast as your last.
-These in my opinion should always be your competition stance so you get to practice your technique also.

I have only done speed DLs for deload or maintenance. If you’re only looking to find an alternative to conventional then I would expect stiff-legged deadlifts to provide the most carryover. I don’t see a problem with trying out the different variations but it may be a good idea to have some sort of progression like TimCline mentioned.

That’s a really impresive deadlift, good job man

A long time ago i would squat heavy everyday, deadlift 3 times week. (basically alternate between deadlift and bench press)

Always did speed work for my deadlifts. Most of the time 70% for 10 singles (occasionally 80%). After those singles i’d move up to a max and for grip work hold onto the bar for as long as i possibly could.

Once a month for my lowerbody i’d do a shock workout where i’d do 85% for triples for as many sets as possible on squats (form starts to suffer around set 14 ussually) and then move to 10 sets of triples of deadlifts (often 5 sets of deficts and then 5 sets of regular deadlifts)

Thanks ! I will try what TimCline does. Start with something like 50% or 60% and every week add 5 % for something like 4 weeks, and then mes out. My workout for the last week (when I employed all the different variations of deadlift) looked like this :
Sunday - snatch grip deadlift
Monday - front squat
Tuesday - straight leg deadlift
Wednesday - back squat
Thursday - deadlift from a deficit
Friday - front squat
Tomorrow ( Saturday ) - I will do speed deadlifts