Soy Protien

I am looking for a little help regarding the usefulness of using soy protien to enhance recovery. I know soy is one of the more “incomplete” protiens but I recentlt read a book by William Wright, MD. who is a big advocate of soy for naturally increasing testosterone. This, he says, is accomplished by naturally occurring isolflavones in the soy. Yet I have also read that soy does just the opposite. Any insight appreciated.

Two articles to read at T-mag: “Bad Protein” and “The Evils of Soy”. I think the titles let you know what’s up with soy, at least for men.

This guy actually wrote an article stating that Soy protein would raise your testosterone levels, then had the nerve to sign his name to it? LOL!!! He must have done all his research in ‘O’ magazine and maybe Prevention!

I believe it was P.T. Barnum that might have coined the apropo answer here. “theres a sucker born every second”. That’s excactly what these marketing companies are targeting. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s mixed w/ other protiens it works ok. But usually being more for women. I have found that for bodybuilders a mix of whey w/ egg albumin. works fantastic for me. For several reasons. Whey tends to pass the gut quickly and causing an upset stomach for some, like me. If you mix some egg albumin it tends to sit better and absorbed more efficiently. whey having the highest PER and egg having the best amino acid profile. Try it i think you might like it. Besides i heard that one of the top pro’s had the combo made just for him… Stay large!!!