Sore shins after trainning chest

Just yesterday i trained chest and today my shins were KILLING me, not when i stayed still but only when i walked. What could cause this? I am certain its not the chest trainning LOL.

I don’t know what causes it, but I had the same when I was in a cycle of Dianabol at high doses. My shins would be ok at first but it would build up to a point I found it hard to walk. I had this for a few months.
Very Strange…

It could be shin splints. This happens when the foot pronates too much due to a flat foot, or becuase there is a strength imbalance between the calf muscles and the muscles of the shins (usually the calfs are stronger) or lack of flexibility of the calf and shins. You can try store bought orthotics (arch lifts) or go to a podiatrist for a custom orthotic if it is because of flat feet. If it is becuase of a muscle imbalance strengthen the weaker muscle group add stretch the areas. I never heard of steroid use causing it, but I guess it could, you never stated if you were juicing.