Somatatropin HGH IU?

I am having a heck of a time figuring out hgh/somatropin. I have recently gotten a “script” without directions :wink: wink. I have searched and deduced that a first run of 4iu/day may be a good start. My issue is calculating on an insulin syringe or a larger 3ml. I am not stupid enough to give ml. What I can’t seem to calculate, nor find a calc for is iu>ml or mch. I would appreciate some help on this to avoid problems. I have searched and it seems all info is in iu, which is a new thing to me. I’ve always been able to calc ml/mcg but I know iu is different.

Thanks All!

Concentration is going to depend on how you mix the HGH. For example:

Say Somatropin powder comes in 12iu per vial (this is 4mg roughly). If you add in 1mL of bac water you’ve got 12iu/mL. 4iu daily would be .33mL.

Thanks, that’s very helpful!!

OK my “doc” gave me a 60iU bottle. 20mg of powder. I need to know based on that what 1iU is (or 4 as that what i’m taking)

I have looked and there’s not a great resource. So, I do need an answer, but I don’t want to be “that guy” so if you can explain to me in detail how to calculate it, that’d be awesome of you!
I reconstituted with 5ml purified water. I do know the expire time and to keep it refrigerated.

At that amount, 4 iu will last 15 days. About the max to store it reconstituted. If it were me, I’d either put in 6 mls or 3 mls into the bottle. At 1 ml/10iu 100 units on an insulin syringe is 10 iu, 50 units is 5 iu and so on.

At 0.5 mL/iu everything is doubled.

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I posted this a few weeks ago if you’re interested

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I am still confused as I’ve already mixed. 60iu/20mg in 1 vial. Added 5ml water. What is 1iu or what is 4iu(my goal). Is there a good formula, actual formula

If you add 1 more mL of water, you will have a concentration of 10 iu/mL, ok?

Here’s the math…60 iu/6 mL = 10 iu/1 mL ( this is the concentration easiest to work with)

100 units on an insulin syringe is equal to 1 ml or 1 cc (its the same) so 4 iu will be 40 units on your insulin syringe.

Don’t worry about weight of the powder, this is probably throwing you off. Just focus on getting your concentration to 10 iu per 1 mL of water like I showed above.

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I am not sure how much of an impact the displacement of the actual GH is going to be, but it is going to have an impact.

If you add 6 mL of water to 20 mg of GH, you will end up with a solution that is more than 6 mL. You need the density of GH to figure this out. With the density of the GH, we can figure out how much volume 20 mg of GH displaces. Then we add that volume to the volume of water added, to figure out the total volume of in the vial. Concentration will be 60 iu / total volume.

It could be that 20 mg of GH displaces like .1 mL of fluid, then I say we just ignore it.

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Yea, that is easy. It is making sense now. On another board i’d give you major “reps” for that! :slight_smile: :smile: