Soldier of the Week: 1/23

Every week we’re going to choose one T-Nation member as the “Soldier of the Week.” The prize is given to a person who was helpful, insightful and made positive contributions to the T-forum. Just our way of saying thanks.

And the winner this week is… Thunder!

This week’s prize is two bottles of RED-KAT and a RED-KAT T-shirt!

We’ll do it again next week with a new winner and a new set of prizes.

Congrats sent out to one of my Favorite Big Boys! ;o)

You have helped me with your posts more than you will ever know!!

Thanks for all of your time.

I would have to agree. Thunder has some stellar advice. Believe me I have spent enough time reading his stuff.

Great job, bro!

A very deserving choice.

This is cool!!! The honor is well deserved, Big Guy!!

There’s no doubt in my mind that you won on QUALITY of posts and QUANTITY of posts!!! See, you didn’t need that 10th finger, anyway. (grin)

Way to go, man. You’ve managed to answer a lot of questions for so many people. Your posts are always informative and have substance to back it up. Having said that, Tampa-Terry should be next.

Good stuff, Thunder!

Honestly, it would have been cool to see Phill and Thunder both receive free stuff on the same week. For some odd reason, I always think of them as a message board tag team o_O


Hmm…who is this Thunder guy?


BTW, I STILL think of Thundar the Barbarian whenever I see your name. Bwahahaha

Congrats! I will THINK of tipping a beer in your name today.


Figures! I knew they’d pick some guy who does 20 sets of curls and never works legs.

Kidding! Just Kidding!

Congrats Thunder, well deserved.

Good job Thunder!

Good job Thunder!


Nice going there Thunder!
When does the cutting phase start?

Ahhh, two bottles of “Money Shot”! Sweet!

Much deserved!

Congrats, and all those quality post with injured digits.

As TT stated, “quality and quantity.” Thunders usual, of straight forward no nonsense advice. Not only that but he backs it up with a plethora of reference and study material (if needed/requested) found through his education and experimentation. Great choice!!!


By the way thanks again all!! I received my award yesterday. Gotta say, they weren’t shitting about the quality of that water bottle, damn thing is built like a tank.

I hope Thunder has a steady girlfriend
(or two)

Well deserved - congrats!

Much deserved.