Sodium content in protein

I bought some Isopure and was surprised when I saw the amount of sodium it contain, 320mgs. a serving. Even if I took 50g of something else, it still would total to only 150mgs. Does this much sodium degrade the protein? I’m starting to think that it’ll make this isolate an inferior product, as my stomach has already told me so.

Dude! Isopure, to me, is the best protein ever created. (I use Advanced now, because of the price) The extra sodium, I believe, is for taste considerations. Don’t worry about sodium too much unless you have hypertension, or you’re 2 days out ffrom a contest. Question: are you using the MRP’s or the Zero Carb? (Isopure and Advanced are the ONLY proteins I’ve been able to use that didn’t double me over with stomach cramps)

I read somewhere that the main factor on protein absorbion is the sodium in the blood vs. in the intestine, or something close to that; so sodium would make it absorbed better.

I’m using the 3lb zero carb stuff. I found that if I mixed it with milk, I’m able to tolerate it with no problems at all. I think that drinking it alone or eating it with something like peanut butter(that’s when I had problems) is when I couldn’t digest it as well. Either it was too much sodium altogether or it was just going into my system too fast. The milk probably slowed it down.

I’d say you’re beyond your “absorption point”. If you’re using the 2 scoop 50 gram drink, cut it back to one and take another later. Whey will be absorbed at the same rate whether it’s in water or milk, and that’s pretty damn quickly, so you may do better spacing out the drinks anyway. I LOVE this stuff when on a mass phase, because it doesn’t fill me up at all, so I get 50g protein and I can continue eating. Were you using another protein product before (like within a few weeks)?