Skim milk question

I was wondering if i drink alot of skim milk for protein and am trying to lose weight will that hamper my effect cus of the insulin spike making me not be able to lose weight. milk is the only way i can get the amount of protein i need in a day cause im at college and healthy food is hard to find and low fat protein food is even harder to find so could some one help me please

Skip the milk and eat cottage cheese instead. Otherwise, stick to meat, tuna, protein powders and eggs!

Yup, you’ve answered your own question. How about cottage cheese 250gm pottle has 36gm protein.

When i first got into college i went on a massive weight loss plan. I drank close to 3 gallons of milk a week. I lost over 60 pounds of fat in that year.

Skim milk gets me fat as shit, even if calories are equal. You’re just going to have to experiment. The sugars are too much for most people I know. Read the ‘foods that make you look good naked’ article at T-mag. They put skim milk in the “okay” list but not on the good list. Are you female? How much protein are you trying to get anyway? Try tuna, chicken, turkey, beef jerkey, cottage cheese, protein powders (which are cheaper than fast food when you think about it) etc. What kind of diet are you following?

keep your eyes peeled when you consume the skim/lite/fat free versions of foods. they usually replace the fats with some sort of carb source. many times maltodextrin and other sugars. you would be better off going with the “fat” variety in many cases. kevo

i’ve been drinkng skim milk by the gallon ( about 1.5 gallons a day) and i gained like 32lbs of muscle this past off season, and it doesnt make me fat by any means, i think it helps me out cause im a poor college student and milk is an eazy protein food.

tastes a lot damn better than cottage cheese… i drink a gallon a day… i may not be the most ripped… but im still buff and huge! i say fuck it drink that milk down!

nah im male, sandy a5t the end was short fro sandridge, see the prob is i dont have any fridge to keep it in or a car to go and get it and they have milk ready in the cafeteria that i can get as many glasses as i want