This is my log, mainly to keep track of workouts and monitor my progress. Nothing to detailed.

Plan as things stand:
531 + 50 @ 50% Reps in 20 Mins.
I use this for the exercises Squat, Deadlift, Bench & Press. Currently I am starting week 3. The 531 program I am using is from page 54 from beyond 531. This 3 x3 reps at 70%, 80% & 90% TM. There is a final fourth set AMRAP at 70%.

I do this forth set and deduct the number of reps from 50 I have to do in 20mins. I complete the remiander of the reps at 50%.

I have a few kettlebells and use them in conjunction in the same workout. Currently I’m running Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Muscle and am in week 5 of 12.

Other activities during the week:
Judo x1
BJJ x2 or 3 lessons
Boxing private once a week.

I do like to vary things. If energy permits with kettlebell farmers walks, overhead raise walks, front loaded walks.

Body weight 95.3Kg


  1. Be consistent
  2. Remain injury free

Workout Friday 24th

Bench Press - 3 Reps at 50Kg, 56Kg and 63Kg.
Final set 10 Reps at 50Kg.
40 reps over several sets at 17.5Kg.
For the last 50 reps I did super sets with kettlebell rows at 20Kg for 50 Reps.

20Mins Superset:
Barbell Curl 15Kg - 50 reps
Reverse Curls 15Kg - 50 reps
I managed complete all reps at 10min 12secs. Therefore I will increase the weight to 17.5Kg next time.

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25th May 2024
Long day today.

Did some digging and carrying bucket fulls (XL bucket) of soil approx 25meters. I did this for about 50mins.

Swimming with kids. More just hanging around in the shallow end with the two little ones. In pool for just under 2hrs.

Deadlift 3 reps @ 84, 96 and 108Kg.
Final set 12 Reps at 84Kg
38 reps over several sets at 30Kg.
For the last 50 reps I did super sets with TRX hip thrusts 50 reps and TRX sit ups 50 reps.

Finally 6 sets of Reps of neuperts KB muscle week 5 workout 2 with 2 x 20Kg kettlebells. The complex being swings, snatches and single shoulder press.


Welcome, following along.
Where do you hail from?

Hello, Lancashire in North West England…the land of wind & rain.

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26th May 2024

Shoulder press workout - 3 sets of 3 reps @ 40Kg, 45Kg & 50Kg. A fourth set of 9 reps at 40Kg.

I managed to get my remaining 41 reps (working upto a total of 50 reps) at 27.5Kg. I performed supersets with 50 reps of lateral raises (20Kg). Completed within 20mins.

Performed workout 3 of week 5 Geoff Neupert Kettlebell Muscle (GN KBM) with a pair of 20Kg kettlebells. Workout comprised 5 reps of each exercise: cleans, press, front squat, press & front squat. Performed 6 times.


Interesting. I just joined the forum and am seeing all these programs I haven’t a clue about. Was doing Simple & Sinister (10x10 kettlebell swings and 10x1 Turkish getups 5 days a week) for a while, but have been focussing mostly on barbell lately. I do like kettlebell workouts outside in summer though. That GN KBM workout sounds like it will get your heart rate up!

Noticed you’ve been doing snatches with two 20’s as well, impressive. The coordination required for dual snatches is too much for me yet.

Cheers from just north of Bergen, Norway…also a land of wind and especially rain!

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I work in Crewe which seems to be the same


Yes the GTN KB does get heart rate up - to be honest its pushed me to my limits. I dread the 15mins of pain. Each set has prescribed rest time of 75 to 120 seconds - when I started I was close to puking my guts out a few times.

I know Crewe - I drive past it on quite a regular basis.

I guess all three of us are from rainy/windy places.


27th May 2024

No weights based workout today.

BJJ class in the morning followed by a private thai-boxing/boxing session.

The striking sessions wear me down quite a bit now and my lower back is craving my sofa.


28th May 2024.

Double BJJ session today and as such no weights workout. I have my squat workout to look forward to tomorrow.

No judo this week as travelling back and forth on Thursday/Friday. Aiming to do another striking session on the weekend.


Legs day - I workout in my garage. So no fancy equipment - just a barbell and some kettlebells.

Squat 3sets x 3reps @ 80Kg, 90Kg and 100Kgs.
4th set 15 Reps at 80Kg. I followed this up with a further 35 reps at 27.5Kg. Superset with pull-ups - 10 reps. All reps from fourth set onwards, completed within 12 minutes.

I am terrible at pull-ups and need to get my numbers up. I have to do them in sets of 2 reps! Or at least find a decent program to follow.

Ended with 3 x 20 Radar exercise.

GN KBM week 6 workout 1 performed. This was seven sets of five reps for each exercise of the following: high pulls, Snatch, Front Squat and press.

No workouts for next two days - as travelling due to work commitments.


I have now also completed my cycle of 531 and will add 5Kg to my deadlift/squat and 2.5Kg to my press/bench for the next cycle.


Bet those 15 reps of 80 kg were pleasant :smile:

What does a 531 cycle look like? I considered buying the book but it felt a bit overwhelming.

The 531 is a relatively simple to follow and there is quite a few articles by Jim Wendler on T nation. They give a pretty good overview of the program(s).

I personally don’t feel his books are written too well and contain too many programs. He probably could do with an editor. For example one of my books doesn’t have an index and contains page upon page of different programs.

But in general the basic setup comprises of 4 weeks with three weeks of progressive weight increase and a deload week. The deload week can be skipped sometimes.

This is a really good article on the website and explains the principles very thoroughly.

Essentially beyond this ‘base’ template there is a diverse range of workout supplementation based on your needs.

I personally would advise buying his beyond 531 book - as I’ve found it to be the most useful.

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Next cycle - starting from tomorrow.

I will continue with 3x3 program and a fourth set of AMRAP, of the first set.

I will use 85% TM of the following (Weight of bar not included):

Squat: 115Kg
Deadlift: 125Kg
Press: 57.5Kg
Bench Press: 72.5Kg


1st June 2024

I did the military press workout today.
3 sets of 3 reps @ 40, 47.5 and 52.5Kg.
Fourth set of AMRAP at 40Kg for 9 reps. I carried on to do 41 reps at 15. These final 50 reps were super sets with lateral raise 10kg dumbbell.

GN KBM week 6 workout 2: 5reps of Swing, Snatch & Press. Repeated 7 seven times.

I went a bit insane today and did some more kettlebell swings with a 24Kg Bell. I did 300 reps.
Set 1: 10/20/30/40 reps of swings and 10/20/30/40 reps of bodyweight TRX Curls
Set 2: 10/20/30/40 reps of swings and 10/20/30/40 reps of bodyweight TRX Tricep Ext
Set 3: 10/20/30/40 reps of swings and 10/20/30/40 reps of bodyweight Dips

Now time to rest. Deadlift tomorrow.


300 reps with a 24, respect. Won’t your posterior chain be pretty cooked even before doing deadlifts?

I seem to able to recover quite quickly. Just struggle with everything else speed/power & strength. But ask me again tomorrow.

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Deadlift workout today:

3 x3 @ 87.5, 100 & 112.5Kg
Fourth set of 50 reps within 20 mins @ 87.5Kg
I performed super sets of ben over row 50 reps with 20Kg kettlebell at the same time.

I did a tabata style workout:
Farmers Walk - 2 x 20Kg bells 30secs on and 10 sec rest, 8 circuits.
Front loaded Walk - 2 x 20Kg bells 30secs on and 10 sec rest, 8 circuits.
Overhead Carry Walk - 2 x 20Kg bells 15secs on and 15 sec rest, 8 circuits.
Heavy slam ball Carries - 40Kg ball - 30secs carry 30secs rest, 8 circuits

Rest day tomorrow - well BJJ/boxing but no weights.