Side and rear deltoid

Any ideas?? I need bigger side and rear deltoid! I need a press exercise. which one is the best; shoulderpress to the back of my head, or shoulderpress to the front? I DONT need front delts!!! They are almost to big. I do lateral raise and two kinds of bend lateral raise! It feels like I cant grow without a press exercise.
Thanks for your help // power

You could try overhead laterals. They are kind of a cross between a press and a lateral. If you’re not familiar with the exercise here’s a quick overview. You can perform them either seated or standing. Start with dumbbells at shoulder height, parallel to the floor, similar to the start position of dumbbell presses, with the dumbbells held in line with the shoulders, but out about one foot from each of the shoulders. Arc the weights up until they meet about 3 to 6 inches over your head and a few inches behind it. Lower in the same arcing motion. Also, you might want to check your form out on the side laterals. Are your elbows leading your hands/wrists upward (hand position like you’re pouring from pitcher)? Most people I see doing this exercise use weights that are too heavy and lead with their hands, turning it into more of a front shoulder exercise. Another technique that really helps increase the effectiveness of laterals is to do drop sets once in a while. Shoulders recover very quickly and seem to response well to these.

Side and rear delts are hard to get without mil. press, and mil. press can be bad for the shoulders. They also require a spotter with free weights. There are two good substitutes though. For the rear delts and back, do heavy “lawnmower pulls”. Get a dumbbell about 100 lbs or whatever feels right, put your left knee and hand on the bench while bent over. Reach down to the floor, grab the dumbbell and pull it to your chest without twisting your back. Switch over to the other side and do your other arm. For center delts and traps, stand straight up holding both dumbbells and pull one side at a time up to your chest (armpit). Good for the shoulders, no spotter neeeded, and less stress on the rotator cuff. Only drawback is that your triceps get left out, but the bench press gets those anyway. Good thing is that it works your forearms a lot more than a press exercise!

I have had good success on rear delts using machine rows with a wide grip, pulled high, toward the neck. The chest pad support from the machine lets you pull heavier weight. Also, standing, upright rows with a wide grip on a barbell, but only bringing the upper arm up until it is parallel with the floor, leading with the elbows. Kind of like a clean, except you don’t rotate the arms to throw the bar up to the shoulders. I’m not sure, but this might be a hang clean??
These are great complimentary movements for presses, which hit the front delts more. - Nylo

I have had good results with this routine.

Giant Set:

Wide Grip Upright Rows 4x6 (at your preferred tempo and intensity)

“W” Presses aka Scott Presses 3x10

Lying Single Arm Laterals 3x12

Hope this helps, mack

Do bent-over rows with a barbell. This is an excellent exercise, and will hit several muscle groups including the Latissimus dorsi muscle and rear Deltoids. The Latissimus dorsi, Teres major and the posterior fibres of the rear Deltoid are what move the arms backward. You will hit all these muscles with the bent-over barbell row.

Listen up and listen good, begin with a single joint movement to pre-exhaust–seated or standing laterals 3 sets of 15 reps plus, THEN, on your last set, grab someone to help you get some forced reps and when I say some, I mean about 10, THEN, raise your arms so they are parallel to the ground and have your partner push your arms down (at the wrists), as you fight it (a sort of forced negative), then raise your arms again to parallel whith out your partner touching you, then do another forced negative, keep going to failure–approx. 10 reps, THEN just lift your arms, no weights for 25 reps plus or failure, finish with some kind of a press and skip the rear delt shit-- front and rear are way over trained-leave that to your heavy presses, rows and chins–enjoy the pain.

Have anyone of you guys heard of DELT FORCE… it’s used to isolate deltoids… i think it’s a pretty good stuff.