Shoulder acne?

I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen. i am getting ready for a show and found some trap stuff by CP. its superset stuff which i have tried before, but in a different manner. every time ii do supersets on traps, i get these things on my traps that look like pimples about to come to head, but when popped they exude a massive amount of what i assume is pus (the stuff in a zit). this can go on for days. i can empty the site and a while later i can get a bunch more out. any ideas? i know it sounds gross but i’d like to know if its common, or maybe what it is.

I just made a new friend…This happens to me also…When I wear a snug t-shirt the contact points cause the same thing…The only thing that helps is to remove the shirt after training and shower…Oh,tan if can after that…Bill has some good rec. on acne…good luck with your show

It is acne. The best product to deal with
specific zits is the 2% salicylic acid patches
for example Neutrogena, that you stick right on the pimple. Leave it on for a full day. There is usually tremendous improvement in just 24 hours, and a complete cure in 48 hours. However, it only hits the individual spots.
For general treatment and avoiding new ones,
salicylic acid spray (previously discussed) works well.