Short Primo only cycle

About to start a short 2 week only Primo cycle. Planning 300mg days 1,4,8 and 15. No class 2 as I am nervous of tablets like dbol etc. Is this cycle likely to be productive for both mass and strengt? I am 174lbs at 6 foot.

The biggest problem here is that 300 mg on
day 1 will give you blood levels not that
much more than what one gets from 150 or 200
mg/week. How can that be? Because at 200
mg/week, when taking an injection, you will
have in your system not only what you just
injected but at least another 100 mg left
over from previous injections. You’d need to
inject 300-400 milligrams on day to get the same
blood levels as what 200 mg/week provides with time.

It looks like you are trying for the 600 mg/week level. So you are getting nowhere near
there in the early parts of this cycle. It is a certainty that effects will be scarcely noticeable and perhaps not noticeable at all in the first week.

So, if aiming for that level, I’d inject around a gram on day 1. If cost was a prohibiting factor, certainly at least 600 mg.

Secondly, it’s kind of odd to omit the middle of week 2 and then take an injection on the very last day of it, when planning a 2 week cycle. Better to take that injection in the middle of week 2.

Third, a Primo-only cycle with no class 2 (you also have Androsol or Nandrosol as options there if you don’t like 17-alkylated) is probably better done as a 6 or 8 week cycle, not a 2 week cycle, because gains just won’t be that much in only 2 weeks. And it’s mild enough that you need not worry about 8 weeks.

It certainly is refreshing though to find someone willing to use injectables but reluctant to use orals, rather than the other way around! You can certainly use orals moderately for limited times in a safe manner, but you are also certainly correct that toxicity-wise injectables are preferable (unless also 17-alkylated, as with Winstrol Depot.)

I hope I’m not breaking protocol by stomping on someone else’s thread, but I had a highly related question…
I just found I can’t get Primo orals in Thailand anymore (hopsitals got them all), but I can get Primobolan Depot. I was thinking of stacking with Winstrol orals, but now that I am moving to injectable Primo, what are the pros/cons of doing the both as injectables? The thing that stunned me is the volume of injections you guys are suggesting. I was thinking of 50mg per day (Prim and Stan 50mg ea) orally, but you guys are talking 600mg per week. Clearly, I need to understand this better…
So, anyone care to suggest a protocol for Primo plus Stanozol injectables?
I’m 6’3", 216lb. This would be my first cycle (as if my naivity didn’t show already!). Got the Clomid tablets lined up aready too.

Primobolan is much less potent (you need more milligrams to get same anabolism) than Winstrol. 1000 mg/week Winstrol would be very high but it is not so high and is quite reasonable for Primobolan Depot, if it can be afforded. (With respect to the orals, 50 mg/day Primo orally is a nearly useless dose for a male bodybuilder. 100 mg is a minimum and 200 mg is better.)

A reasonable combination is 1000 mg/week Primo if it can be afforded, divided into at least 2 days of injecting per week (and obviously, at least 3 total injections, possibly 10 if injected 1 mL at a time) and 50 mg/day Winstrol Depot.

400 mg/week is a reasonable minimum amount of Primo Depot if the larger amount can’t be afforded or if it is desired to use only the Primo and to maintain (while using Clomid) good natural T production.

Thanks Bill, for your comments. The plan actually was for an average of 300mg/week, which by my calculations would click in from about day 9 and extend to about day 23. All that was based on an assumed 7 day half-life. As a relative newbie to steroids, one is always a shade reluctant to go for a big shot. This is the third cycle and the biggest yet. Glad to say that to date there have been no side effects. I am using Clomid by the way. I am currently on day 6 and yes there are no signs yet of gains but again by my calculations, only about 200mg of juice will have filtered into the system. Early days yet. Nemember the proverb “Patience is a virtue”. Thanks. John Rycard

Whats this about the half life and the weekly dosage. I for one dont get the picture. Perhaps someone could explain. I also dont understand the problem with taking say dbol as an oral supplement. Surely the added effect will be worth the effort.