Shock method

Here’s a training method I came across while browsing the net. Seems interesting; any thoughts? I’m thinking of giving it a try on my next leg day.
“Choose an isolation exercise. Leg extensions work really well with this method. Choose a weight you can just about struggle 15 reps with, get to fifteen, and count to 10. Then you must complete a few more reps. Let’s say you manage to get to 25 reps (you must keep this number in your head as you go along) Rest another ten seconds, and drop the weight a little, and complete a few more reps. Drop the weight again, and complete a few more. Sometimes you can keep the weights steady, and other times you must drop them every time. By the time you have reached 60 your legs will hate you, but you must persevere just to get up to the magic 100!. Rest a couple of minutes and do the whole damned thing again. At the end of this you will experience a pump in your legs like never before. This is the ultimate.”

They are called drop sets. I just got done with a 4 week routine of them…not great for size, but excellent for strength…at least from what I experienced

I’ve done something similar with barbell curls, but as a drop set…just keep dropping weight (2.5’s) until you’re left with the bar…felt great the next day!

sounds likje an interesting method, i would give it a try, but remember it will only work for a while. I wouldn’t use this with the hamstrings or any other inherently very fast twitch muscles, they don’t tend to hypertrophy well with higher rep set brackets like that.

Sounds like ‘drop sets’. Been around a long time. Its not a good primary technique but I do them on occation for variety.

It is a drop set, I wouldn’t do it all time though. It would be good for say once every few months.I have a better idea try a weight that you can only do 10 to then do the ten and rst for 10 secs. then pump out as many reps as possible. rest for 10 secs then drop weight by 10% then do as many reps as possible do this dropping by 10% until you can’t do any more.This should only be done like I said once in a while.

When done with dumbells (as in curls and such) it’s also called running the rack.