SFM Cardio Questions

I’d appreciate some help on the following problem. I’m using CW’s SFM while on t-dawg 2.0 to drop some fat, but as I woke up this morning planning to go do the standard 45 min at 65%-75% max HR cardio I realized this just might be counterproductive to the program, as he only recommends cardio exercises that make the nervous system fire muscle groups quickly.

I’m already doing 2 HIIT sprint sessions per week (IBUR running from CT’s Running Man article), along with the 3 days of weight training, but that leaves another 2 days/week open for additional cardio and I know for a fact my body can’t handle more than 2 HIIT sprint sessions per week right now. I’ve considered applying the same principles of sprint/jog to an elliptical machine or exercise bike for 15-20 min. Would this be an effective substition?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

If you worried about the bad effect of these simply substitude cardio by less intense interval namely jumping rope and jumping jack.

2min on 30sec-1min off for 12-15min should do fine.

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Keep cardio to a minimum on the SFM. As I stated in the article, I only recommend the two prescribed cardio exercises. You might be pushing the overtraining envelope too much with added HIIT work.

Thank you both for the response. I’ll just do 1 HIIT session per week then in addition to the cardio prescribed in the SFM program itself. I only wanted to add the extra cardio as I thought it’d be necessary to shed the approx 8 lbs of fat I’m looking to drop. I’ve never tried a cutting cycle without cardio, which is another reason I wanted to add it. Hopefully t-dawg 2.0 with this program will do it for me.

I’m about to finish the last day of the four-week cycle of SFM. In the first two weeks, I performed some sort of GPP/HIIT workout on three of my off days. I did CW’s GPP hybrid twice and some 50-yard sprints once.

After the second week, I felt a bit burned out and more tired than usual (but still hit the weights as I was supposed to). On the third week, I cut back to one day of the GPP hybrid and one day of sprints. On this forth week, I’m only doing one GPP day.

I just felt too tired and overtrained to do extra GPP workouts. So definitely heed CW’s recommendations and keep the extra work to a minimum.

Luckily, it didn’t affect my weight training, and I made great gains in strength. In fact, I was also eating more, and gained 5lbs.