serrano and his

Why waste the time listening to this guy…One day Flax oil is better the next day Fish oils are. Whey’s better one day than MPI are better. Make up your frickin mind.

By the way all those claims are in the early issues of Planet Muscle.

I don’t know anything about Serrano but I have no problem with people changing their mind over something. I liked the article. But it’s pretty much boils down to his opinion…there’s no justication (except the intuitive glib) anywhere.


I don’t see the big deal about changing your mind. He did mention a new study. I think it’s good that he changes his recomendations based on new science. It noone changed their mind then we would never have any new training ideas etc. :wink:

People used to think that the world was flat, too.

And that low carb diets were bad for you.

And that all calories were created equal (er…they still do at Weight Watchers).

And that aerobic exercise alone was superior for fat loss.

In other words, I take it that you’re against research, the scientific method, and continuing education?

Berardi changes his mind. It’s called learning.

Opps “if noone changed their mind”. Ah you all know I have the grammer skills of a 6 year old that likes to sniff glue.