Serious Mag-10 Questions

Ever since I first heard about Mag-10, I’ve been very intrigued to say the least, and reading about all the positive experiances has made up my mind about trying the product. But, first I have a serious question about Mag-10 and how it effects mood. Does it cause the same changes in mood that, say, 500mg per week of sustenon would cause? I used sustenon at said dose over the summer for three months and noticed my mood would cycle about every five days between depressed to a little above normal, maybe hypomania. I was depressed before I started, but now I’m recieving treatment with an SSRI and I’m feeling better. Can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether this will happen with Mag-10? Or, could somebody explain why this happened in the first place? I can seem to find anything over the internet that suggests test. can cause (or bring out) this condition. Thanks.

P.S. Can I get mag-10 shipped to Canada?

Unfortunately, effects of androgen on
mood are highly variable and not so predictable
although sometimes you can make some broad

I can’t be sure what your results would be.

I’d suggest trying the product and if you
find that it’s not compatible for you with
regards to mood, to return it for a full

Regarding your last question, you should be able to get your Mag-10 into Canada. One post awhile back said that people in Alberta were having problems, but everywhere else seems to be okay. I’m in Toronto and got mine no problem!