Semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy – Miracle Fat-Loss Drugs?

Thank you for the report!

I understand your suspicions. I’m certainly not pushing the drug. However, as far as the pancreas burning out, there doesn’t seem to be evidence that the organ, or any other gland for that matter, actually gets fatigued. The testicles pump out testosterone throughout the day. They don’t fatigue. The adrenals, too (despite the notion of “adrenal fatigue”).

You’ve got the mechanics right, but insulin also acts on centers in the brain to suppress appetite, which might be the drug’s major super power. However, you’ve touched on something the drug manufactures don’t talk about – insulin insensitivity. This of course wouldn’t be of concern for diabetics who’ll continue to use the drug for all their lives, but it might of concern for the person who wants to lose weight. They would have to be careful when coming off the drug and not resort to old eating habits because the weight would likely come back lighting fast.

I can see it now. The entire world walking around all lean and shit but with cheetos’ dust and donut glazing all over their faces. What a brave new world it will be.


Is there any advertiser that does not do this?


Does not insulin insensitivity work the pancreas too hard trying to keep up with the unabsorbed blood sugar? I read this can cause the pancreas to fail after a few years. Would not a drug have the same long-range effects?

You’d presumably be eating a lot less because of the appetite suppression and hence, less insulin release, but also, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to stay on it for a long time if you were just using it for weight loss. Maybe use it for a couple of months to rid the body of excess fat and then stop using it when you reached your goal.

If GLP1 RAs were making the pancreas pump out insulin 24/7 we would be seeing hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia symptoms all over the place.

All the studies show there is no significant increased risk of hypoglycemia with GLP1 RAs by themselves beyond the level of hypoglycemia risk whenever a person goes on a severe caloric deficit, which is often the case with people on GLP1 RAs.

There is an increased risk of hypo however if people are on several T2D medications in addition to GLP1 RAs.


What dosages are they quoting? Is this for the same product as Ozempic? It seems that Ozempic has a really long active life, but some of the similar products do not, and require a lot of injections. If it is called semaglutide is that Ozempic, or could it be the short one?

Is 1 mg/wk effective? That seems to be what the article is indicating.

I am lightly considering, because I can get semaglutide for $6/mg. If 1 mg is effective, or even if 2ish mg is really effective, that is not much money. But I am not fat. I’d be using it to be exotically lean.

Side note, I’d kinda like for this not to become popular as someone who has worked to be in shape.

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I don’t recall specifically, but it is the minimum dosage… something like .25mg or maybe 25mg…? I remember a ‘25’ in there somewhere. It was Semaglutide, which is generic Ozempic, and the longer-lasting version.

Did a google search, 2mg/wk is max dose… can you email me your source? lol let me hit that

Tagging @swoops39 because he knows a thing or two

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Emailed you.

I am curious if you try it. Would be awesome to have a relatively safe (FDA approved at least) product to go from leanish (14-16ish BF%) to something more like 10-12%.

At like 0.5-1 mg/wk (probably all the higher I’d go on my own), that is like $13-$26 a month. I can afford that over several hundred or a grand a month haha.

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in my experience, I need very little to get the results. Or the stuff I’m using is just very, very strong lol. I’m also not diabetic or IR and not super overweight, but want to really shred that last 15 lbs next year. I used .1mg of Liraglutide nightly last year and lost around 30 lbs. Got down to 189lb but got back up to 195lbs over the year not using it. Did put on some muscle too tho.

Now I’m using Semaglutide, and I did .1-.2mg daily for about two weeks and felt horrible, mentally, along with fatigue. it was so crazy, I couldn’t understand why other ppl are taking up to 2.4mg per week and do fine, but for me in mental impact (GLP-1 does affect neurotransmitters and has been studied to get ppl off drugs and booze) was so crazy. I didn’t take anything for 3 weeks and finally felt normal, so I started again with .1mg twice per week, then .2mg twice and next week will be .25mg 2x weekly, and that’s just about perfect to stop me from thinking about food, but not make me feel horrible. I am hoping I won’t increase the dose at all, but will go up slowly as needed.

So don’t jump into the large dose right away lol, and if you have issues with Nandrolone, Tren, substances, stuff that impacts DA I would just be cautious. The long HL means it’s in your system for a while if you fuck it up.

good luck


Just throwing my two cents out there. I don’t understand the purpose of this drug as a PED. I mean its not doing ANYTHING you couldn’t do by being strict with your nutrition. Would someone really take this instead of working on will power? Sure… easy button. But this doesn’t seem to do anything you can’t do yourself. Anabolics… makes sense so long as you are at a natural plateau. It will take you places you can’t get otherwise. But this… man… I don’t like it.


Are you taking it daily for more even levels? Kinda like daily shots on TRT with Test C for example?

If it is called Semaglutide, does that mean it is always the long version?

Thanks for the input too. If I try it, I will certainly start low based on your post.

I think there could be a distinction between getting generally lean, and getting shredded. The latter is much harder. I’ve tried to do it many times and failed (at least to my definition of shredded). Getting lean by American standards, I agree it isn’t that hard.

I will say compared to other things that make losing fat easier, that this seems better. Clen and DNP I wouldn’t use. Markus Ruhl I heard chain smoked to get ready to be on stage (I’d be afraid of not waking up every time I went to bed if I was on all that AAS, HGH, Slin, smoking a lot, and 300 lbs lean). That doesn’t make it safe, or a good idea, but better than the alternatives.

I just don’t see this doing that though. DNP sure… granted is basically poisen. But as an appetite suppressor… how?

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I am no expert. Hence all the questions I have. Just giving my thoughts.

An appetite suppressor would basically have the effect of having amazing will power to not eat much. I think that is what is missing from a lot of people trying to get shredded.

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Humiston mentioned he was doing it .1mg daily in his video, and I found a study that supports that. I figured (like most things HRT related) a little bit more often is better than a lot at once.

Yes Semaglutide and Trizaglutide are the long acting versions I think.

@blshaw if you’re a normal person with normal hunger cues and no disordered eating habits then GLP-1 likely not doing anything you couldn’t do on your own. If you wanna get calories really low and not think about food at all, it’ll do that for you tho


It will make you feel like you’ve eaten a thanksgiving meal without eating anything. You feel full all day, along with the GLP action in your brain making you just forget about food. Some ppl have reported being repulsed by pizza and coffee once they start taking it


You guys aren’t concerned with the increased risk of developing tumors of the thyroid gland, including medullary thyroid carcinoma, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer? I know this was reported in lab rats but also in humans (pancreatic cancer). Just curious, not trying to be a Debbie downer.

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When you say ‘you guys’ do you mean the folks asking about using this to get shredded, or the folks who are morbidly obese and are on the verge of death via Heart Disease?