Second Time Around

I got awsome results from Ian’s programs.Ripped…technique is MORE important than the weight!!!..did you hit the number of required reps in perfect form???..starting with moderate intensity building up to failure on week three??? I’m going to try Ian’s program again as soon as I’m done with his “Big Guns” program,except this time I’m going to start one program 3 weeks before the next so I’ll be high intensity on either upper body or lower body ,but high volume on the other.I’m looking forward to even better results!!! P.S.-during the 12 week arm program I’m concentrating on leg/chest/back exercises & muscles that weren’t prioritized in his programs- to bring balance back!!

Ripped…I just started his program last week. I think what you are experiencing is that you are actually doing the exercises with a greater detail to form and time under tension. I know the first week was just an experience. I know the second week will be closer to what I should be doing, since it is so different than most of us are used to.
I think you should add one more week. In his book he says you can do 2-4 weeks on each phase.