Hey, how do you guys eat your salmon? I was never a big fan and just got my fats from caps or tuna out of the can. Any suggestions on how you guys eat this stuff?

I’m on a fat fats diet. I open the can , I put the salmon in a plate & I it the salmon. That’s it ! (Some time I cheat a little bit & I add a very small amount of ketchup)

I eat mine out of the can, with a bit of tiger sauce, mixed with stir fry vegatables. Works great as a P+F meal, although I have to supplement with a scoop or more of Pro powder to meet my personal requirements. Could I just eat more Salmon? Sure, but it gets expensive that way. BTW, I buy the boneless skinless version in the can. Unless you LIKE picking out bones (or eating them), I’d do the same.

I eat my salmon as fillets. Pick up a couple at the seafood section in the store, then throw one in the oven (skin side up, so the fat drips down) and cook at 350 for about 15 minutes. TV dinners aren’t any simpler. You can try sprinkling a fillet with seasonings if you like, but baked salmon tastes fine plain.

My mom used to make salmon patties by mixing it with egg, celery, onion, and crushed crackers and then forming that into patties and baking them. I’d leave out the crackers for a low carb version.

Fresh salmon on the grill is the best! Either with cajun spices or some salt, pepper, garlic and maybe a little extra something. I don’t eat it out of a can. Thus, I only eat it every once in a while.

Thanks for the response guys. I was actually aiming toward the “fresh” kind. At my supermarket, they have a slab or fillet I guess they call it, of salmon. Anyone eat this kind?

Fillet is just the way the fish is cut. A fillet is cut along (Parallel) the fish. A Steak is cut across (perpendicular) to the fish

There’s about a dozen types - sockeye, king, silver, chinook etc

I use the tuna burger recipe from Steve Berardi but I use salmon instead. 1 tbsp. oat bran, 1 egg, curry powder, salmon. Mix in bowl and cook just like a hamburger. Good stuff!

Billy Charlesbois??? From Moosejaw, Saskatchewan??? I take it you got that name from the Slap Shot character. If not, my bad.

The best way I have found to eat salmon is to mix some soy sauce and mustard up in a bowl and spread this concoction over both sides of the salmon. Put it on broil and turn over after 5 minutes. It tastes awesome

Thanks for the info guys. Say I threw it on the grill, am I gonna lose much of the EFA’s or are they pretty much locked into the meat? Also, how do you know when it’s done?

see my recipe in the recent post on the forum for green tea salmon. Absolutely AMAZING.

I fucking hate fish! The only kind i can stomach in AhiTuna cooked reare, and thats because it really doesn’t taste fishy. I just opt to take fish oil caps instead.

Coming from the west coast of Canada, Salmon is a big part of the diet. I just read an article that Canada has the strictest guidelines for mercury levels in fish. There is a warning that Tuna should only be consumed once a week, pregnant or nursing mothers shouldn’t consume it and only once a month for women during their child bearing years.

I only grudgingly eat Tuna because it’s supposed to be good for you. Hmmm… good fats & protein + Mercury… I sense a weight gainer here!

King and Chinook are the same kind of fish, the same with Coho and Silver, Pinks and Humpies, Sockeye and Red, Chum and Dog. Chum and Pinks aren’t really very tasty, although I’ll eat canned pinks. King, Silver, and Sockeye are really good fresh, either grilled or baked. Fish is done just when the meat can be easily flaked apart and turns opaque (you can’t see through it like when it’s raw). If you over cook fish it gets dry and tastes like sawdust so in any recipe that’s the most important part.

Oh, Atlantic salmon is really a trout but it’s also very good to eat, although farmed fish doesn’t have as many EFAs as wild.

RAW. With some wasabi and soy sauce.

Can of Salmon + Olive oil + Pepper + Onion powder = yummy.

Same equation works for tuna…just make sure you don’t get the packed in oil crap…and it has to be yellow fin…skipjack taste like shit. :slight_smile: