S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

I just read a pretty extensive article about the aforementioned SAMe. Among other things it states that SAMe can augment such things as 5-HTP for mood and glucosamine/chondroitin for arthritis. What does everyone think of this? Does anyone have any firsthand experience with using SAMe?

SAMe works. I first tried it in may and noticed an improvement in mood and decreased anxiety immediately. I mean within that day immediately. I also felt very good at that time; what I mean is I gave it a try just for fun and I saw results. One study I saw quoted said that SAMe is the first natural supplement tested in a controlled study that equaled or exceeded pharmaceuticals in results. There were no noticeable side effects other than some mild stomach upset in some individuals. Also noted was that SAMe worked in days as opposed to weeks for the prescription antidepressant. This mirrors what pts. that have tried it have said. They see an improvement in mood almost immediately.

The late Dan D. wrote about it in a previous Ask the Guru column. It’s pretty good for pain (arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc), but it takes a monster dosage to do anything for mood disorders (I seem to recall 1600 mg. or so based on research). This would be cost prohibitive for most.

I’ve seen improvement in mood at only 400 mg per day.That’s the amount I recommend for everyday stress. The patients who try it for “stress” see results at that dosage. Some pts. have even seen results to rival scrips such as zoloft, but in a day to two days. You have to be certain to get a pharmaceutical grade prep and it should be refrigerated. I order from metabolic maintenance.

I added SAMe to my glucosamine/chrondroitin supplement about 2 weeks ago, due to a really bad flare-up of OA in my knee. I’ve been taking 600-800 mg/day. I can finally go down the stairs with ‘no hands’ on the railing, although my knee still clicks pretty badly going up the stairs (What a bitch this OA is!!) It has improved my mood markedly. And I WILL beat this crap.

I am a manager of a GNC. Several of my customers use SAMe religiously, some for mood (several have even rid themselves of prescription Paxil and other mao-inhibitors)and others for joints. It works for lots of people. For those of you with joint conditions, as well as other auto-immune disorders (including various forms of arthritis) I would also recommend you check out CM, or Cetyl Myristoleate. It comes in a gel-cap, being an ester of a fatty acid. Quite a bit of research has gone into it with great results. Personally, I do a lot of torture to my body, karate, snowboarding, and of course lifting, and have found that a combination of Glucosamine, MSM 1500 mg, and CM every day not only helps with the various pains (stretched ligaments on 4 occasions) that go along with over active extremity of lifestyle, but helps in the healing/regeneration process as well. Given my current job, I have access to a lot of info and the supplements. Hope this helps.

You manage a GNC, Paul? We have something in common. Where are you from? I’m in Grand Island, NE, but I was hesitant to say on here that I worked for one as I figured I’d get massively flamed on here.