Routine changing, what do u guys do?

Ok what do the T men do for this question. Is it neccesary to change your routine very often(every three to four weeks) or is that overkill… I know alot of people who do the smae routine for at least three months sometimes a year . they say it isn’t actual strength bulding (and muscle i would suppose too)until after u adapted and the increases become slower. So is it just false mental masturbation by changing a routine every three weeks? So whats the route to go. i figure there is three concerning routine changing (three main. Change up every 3 weeks. Stick with the same one for a long period of time (3months). Or this is the last one and i think this might be the way i should go. 1st if i don’t change semi often my mind gets bored so i liek the idea of something different. This option would be keep exercise exactly teh same. just plug them into different routine every 4-6 weeks and only alternate between two routines or three maximum. whats ur take how do u guys prefer it . thanks Mike

any takers?..this really interests me… I know alot of HIT trainees reccomend long stays ona program but so do a good bit of higher volume trainers…i’m just wondering what u guys do

Check out Charles Staley’s article on Convergent Phase Training. I’ll be following his program after my current program (probably July). And I’m beginning to think that too much variety is not good. After going over all the workouts I’ve done over the years, I’ve made my best gains sticking with basic exercises for longer periods of time and training with heavy weights. After following some of Ian’s programs, I made minimal gains because there was too much variety for me. And it doesn’t help with keeping or gaining strength because you don’t have enough continuity. But hey, that’s what I’ve figured works best for me. Some of you other guys probably need to change everything every few weeks.

I agree with Nate Dogg, I also get better results when I stay on the same program for a longer period of time. I structure my program around the core lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press) and throw in some additional exercises. I also like to use heavy weights for low reps. This is what works for me. I really enjoy doing heavy deadlifts, squats, etc., these are the mass building exercises. If I keep changing my routine around too much I can’t progress. I respect Ian King and his theories, but for me this is too much variety (and yes, I have tried his routines and read his book).

Heya manimals. I want in on dis one. Persoanlly, I find that I benefit from a lot of variety, when I train a part twice a week, I do two different routines. I change routines roughly once every three or four weeks while keeping the basics intact (Squats and their many variations, deads, curls, close-grip press, ect.) Ian King’s programs get me sick cut. In fact his shoulder routine from Heavy Metal (Issue # 3) Put insane shreds into my shoulders in about two weeks. Hey, for some variety ain’t just the spice, it’s the species.

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The one thing I change is rep range. I change from an explosive 6 reps to a slow,controlled 10 every month. I really don’t change my exercises very often. I agree with staying on the same program for a long time but at least try changing reps and rep speed.