Role Models

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but what do you guys think is the ultimate build? Who do you most want to look like? And don’t say ‘I want to have legs like Tom Platz, back like Franco Columbu, etc.’ ,because no one person can have it all. I say Schwartzenegger in his prime was awesome (not in a homo sort of way though) and I’d kill to look the way he did. He was the freakiest of his time but these days, I wouldn’t be suprised if most other gymrats thought so too.

Being a 6+ footer, Id say Bill Davey is easily my ideal physique. Oh how nice it would be

There’s a guy called Joel Therien on the testimonials of Interactive Nutrition’s website. That’s the sort of physique I am aiming for. I’ll probably be there next summer… hopefully.

Bill Davey’s cool too. By the way he is the T-Man from the cover magazine. (the picture is taken from his website)

Lifestyle wise: A crossbreed of Tyler Durden, a sufi prophet, and a mid-level primate. Physique-wise: I am my own test tube baby, I just wanna see how buff I, being ME, can get.

"MB Eric: Many are called, most are disconnected since 1912."


ok, this may sound weird…but i would be completely satisfied to have a build like AJ DiCaprio (i think that’s his name). i don’t want to be big and beefy like all the current pros (not that i ever could even get nearly that massive). i think Arnold looked great too. also Franco had a nice build.

Physically: Bill Davey (when will T-mag do an interview with him?)
Personality: a combination of Tim Burton’s oddness, Ralph Nader’s social consientiousness, Maynard James Keenan’s powerful presence, Klay Scott’s fashion (the musician for Celldweller), and Matt Groening’s humor.

I would have to go with serge nubret. He looked awesome.

Greg Kovacs…naturally all the way.

Stallone. Arnold’s size and bigger just looks to circus freakish to me (and most women).

There was a picture in an old Ironman of Berry Demay coming out of the ocean with a spear gun and a net (I think). He was huge and ripped (no hGH belly for Berry). Basicly, he looked f* awesome. That is how I’d want to look. Or Zane.

Chris Benoit. My friends say I remind them of him (much smaller of course), and he’s a fellow Canuck, so that’s who I would have to go with.

given my height and frame…Bruce Lee

For me - Frank Zane

“Macho Man” Randy Savage-ohhhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhh!!! I like macho man’s physique because of the background he came from. According to sources, he was a minor league pitcher (lefty) before he was a wrestler. How many pro pitchers do you see with a physique like that? Nada. Macho Man had to of busted his butt in the gym to get to where he was in his prime. Hopefully when my baseball days are over I can look like that too.

id have to say kevin levrone

Yo, good call Hoser. Beniot is sick cut. Personally, I think he has the best physique in wrestling today. I’ve wanted to know his routine for a while now. Any idea on what he does? I know he trianed with the dysfunctional Hart family in the Dungeon for a long time. Lata.

"MB Eric: Looking down from his treetop gym at all those poor souls who are iron defficient."


Hoser - my friends sometimes call me the Wolverine. Let me guess, you have some good development with potentially excellent traps ;). I dont think role model is the right word here (Id go for a TC or Whopper if it were) but my ideal physique shape (but not size - never want to be freaky) would be Arnold (Cormier looks pretty good though and there are some good amateurs) or if I could mix 2, Kevin Levrone with Ronnie Colemans back or Ronnie with Kevins midsection.

Jean Claude Van Dam

My role would be Naturalman!

Kevin James