Robertson Training Systems Is Up!

Needs more pictures of that Cressey guy. The dude’s a stud.

If he wasn’t too cool to send me a pic, I would already have him up there.

FWIW, he is a stud.

[quote]Eric Cressey wrote:
Needs more pictures of that Cressey guy. The dude’s a stud.[/quote]

Get a email adress like or something like that.

In my opinion a yahoo or hotmail or something free email account does not look that professional.

Like someone wrote before, I think it’s not a bad idea to include some kind of message, that you are actually selling something very beneficial.

Just watch out, that it is not annoying or too advertising so that it will look unprofessional(aka gain 20punds in just one week etc.) and the customer will feel like you want to fool him.
And you did not give links to some of the listed articles.

Apart from that i really like the layout. No flashy sings or ads, no color overload , good structured, you can find anything very quickly.

1 - Several people have commented on the e-mail; I’m working on that as we speak (I’ve had some issues with the domain)

2 - Yes, there are some issues with the links to the articles, which I’m trying to resolve. Basically, I’m looking for a way to make sure that it links back to the original article so people can read the post-article discussion as well. I hope to get this done ASAP!

Thanks for the feedback!

Stay strong