Road to 500

Ok, just had my National Champs on saturday, altho I won my class (no real competition tho) I preformed like shit (much my own fault). Missed 185 cos I jumped the start command, then made it on my second. Then 200kg on the third went to shit when it went towards my toes and was about to drop on my belly when the spotters caught it.
Now I am working on the goals for hte future and am looking at 501lb (227.5kg) as my next goal for bench. Of course to achieve this goal, I will have to work on a few things.

  1. Improve my speed
  2. Improve my lockout strength
  3. Improve my overall strength (of course)
  4. Get used to the damn shirt

Basically I aim to achieve this with a workout similar to Metal Milita but with a bit less volume, more lockout work, some raw work and a lot more speed work than they do during theirs.
Any ideas for tightning down the program to improve these pieces of the puzzle?


cyco, when you get there will you please tell me how you did it!!!

Sounds to me like you’re trying to mix and match a little too much for anyone to give you any solid advice.

What templates have you used/been using in the past?

If you’re gonna go Metal Militia-style, I would recommend you try it the way they teach it for some time before tweaking things. Tweak things as you become more familiar with how the program affects you.

I’ll see you at 500…

tell us when you have your next meet, or even if you know of some strong bastard type event that are happening locally, id love to watch that shit
NZ strong man is apparently on the same day as the Rugga world cup, dick heads!!!

I respond to frequent loadings quite well, when the weights were a bit lighter, I could handle 3x per week without killing myself. Then I got up a bit more and could do 2x heavy plus one speed, now I am just arrived at 2x heavy with the warmups being the speedwork. Basically without really focusing on other programs I arrived at a similar format to MM anyway. A 4 week cycle working mod vol/mod intensity, high vol mod intensity, high intensity low volume (wave loadin rules) and then a back off and test week. Similar to other programs from CT or Supertrainign really.
Im dieting next so I need to keep my volume down a bit (even more so than the ‘drug free’ milita at this stage).

Whetu, dunno about your end of the country :frowning: there is the oceanea bench champs somewhere in the NI next year, Reuben Simanu should press 300 or so by then, he just missed it in the weekend, makes Jonah look like a baby :slight_smile: (Reuben is 152.35kg and relatively lean)

Well this be your training log? I’d like to follow your training.

Ah, who can deny a request from wonderwoman…

Training this week = lots of food and lots of rest really. Nothing else

Training after the competition included “chicken vege soup, followed by rare steak with green peppercorn sauce adn chips/salad, follwed by a chocolate mudcake and I also consumed a berry merange desert as well, as well as a few fancy Speights beers”

I did a heavy deadlift session yesterday and finished with 250kg for a single, only 117.5kg below the national record :slight_smile:
Now its rest time as next week = heavy diet and starting my training cycle.