Returning to Workout

I’m about to return to the gym tonight after about a month layoff, and I’m interested in opinions on how to start. I’m thinking of three options: an hour of mixed, low intensity cardio to get the fat burning, a 10X10 squat workout to get the GH flowin’, or a full body workout…opinions or any other suggestions would be appreciated.

whatever you do, don’t do a 10x10 squat workout!! (that is, unless you want to be sore for a week). Whenever I have a layoff longer than a week and a half, my first few workouts are whole body, 2 sets per bp, stopping about 3 reps short of failure. The way I see it is that a program like that will allow you to get back into the gym sooner and won’t be too stressful on your body. Good luck!

Whatever workout you choose, be sure to follow Ian King’s advice and start easy the first week. Don’t train close to failure, get all your reps and don’t push too hard. You will be extremely sore after taking that much time off.

I took last week off and went back to the gym last night. I did arms, shoulders and abs. I did 24 total sets working in the 6-10 rep range without reaching failure. I am feeling a bit sore today, but not tired or exhausted. So go easy for now! And I’d avoid anything like 10x10 squats or anything like that. You will definitely be sore as hell for a week or more! And that could hinder your progress.

Check out Coach Davies’ Rope training workout from about a month ago. It’s surprising just how much jumping rope can hurt! The upside is you will recover quickly and should be able to segue smoothly into heavier weight training after three or four sessions. Think of it as a week of conditioning to prepare you for your return to glory.