This is not really a t-mag type question but ive read some of the posts on religion and politics and you guys seem to know your stuff. so im not interested in becoming one, but how does someone become a member of the Roman Catholic Church? if they have nener been a part of any religion before can they become a member at any age? i heard that this can not happen, or is it not possible to be “reborn” as a Catholic after you have been a member of another religion???

hell yea

after all John the baptist baptised (ironically) older peoples

personally I’m not into organized religion, but if that is what you want to do then go to your local church of the sect you want to convert too and talk with the priest doodsie.

instructions; 1). Write your name, phone number and address on a $50.00 bill, 2). Go to a mass, 3). When a stranger comes around with a “basket on a stick” place the $50.00 bill in the basket, 4). Make sure your phone is working and you have a machine, 5). Wait by the phone (it will soon ring), 6). Answer phone and follow directions given by caller.
congrats, you will soon be accepted into your religion of choice (this will work with any and all religions).
hope I helped!

my dad was a protestant, he converted like last year. usually, you talk to the priest and they have classes with all those like you. once u take the classes, you go through the sacraments.

Hey, I was a member of the catholic church up until the age of reason…don’t go, they’ll only make you feel bad about yourself. Guilt this, sin that…who need’s it.

You would go to whomever does the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) in the local parish and talk to him/her about joining the Church. Classes generally start in the fall, as new converts are baptized or accepted into the Church at Easter. My father converted from Episcopalianism ten years ago and two Baptist friends of mine are going through RCIA this year, so it’s never too late to join.

Why the Catholic Church in particular? You do not need to ‘belong’ to a church to be saved. Accept by faith that Jesus is the true son of god, he came to earth and lived as a man, died on the cross and bore our sins, was raised on the third day and now lives at the right hand of the father, all that believe in him may have eternal life. You can and should have a relationship with god yourself, you don’t need a priest or Pope to be an intermediary. If you are serious and want to take this further a great book is Foundations of Faith by Derek Prince.

Thank for the replies. like i said im not really interested in becoming one, i was just wondering. thanxs alot.

Catholics? Yeah, I was there once. I was born, baptised, raised, and had my first communion through the Catholic church. But then they surprised me. I returned to my birth state in Minnesota with my new daughter and wanted her to be baptised in the same Catholic church I was. My family still lives in Minnesota, while I reside out in Hawaii. After contacting the church with my wishes, they declined my requests. Guess why. Because I had not attended services on Sundays with them in about 7 or 8 years. AKA, I had not dumped money in their frickin’ basket. My mother became Lutheran after getting remarried. I talked to a Lutheran Pastor and he agreed to do the baptism for me. He was more interested in turning my new daughters eyes in the direction of religion than getting into my pocket. That is the basis of religion in my book. After my family pooled together and we made sure he was adequatly take care of.

This is from a comedian I saw on TV, “The Catholic religion is basically, ‘If it feels good stop.’” For anyone who is or has been catholic this is a pretty good explanation. And the crackers you get for communion are really gross.

Please keep your anti-Catholic bigotry to yourself. The “crackers” you reference are to Catholics the Body of Christ. I respect your right to practice whatever relgion you choose, please show respect for my choice. Happy New Year.

Yup, “Anti-Catholicism”…the only ‘safe’ form of popular bigotry left…just try to rip people of another faith…the PC police will ream you a new asshole, but going after Catholics is always a safe bet. AMDG

Just show up annd claim you are

what they gonna go throw you out?

To BigD: Making a justification that one X did Y therefore all X do Y is a logical fallacy. And it isn’t the case because my sisters child was babtised in a church that she does not regularly attend.

IronSlammer: No kidding. From what you see on TV or anywhere else you wouldn’t know that more Catholics than Jews were killed in certain areas of Nazi occupation.

Coyote: (sarcasm) That’s an excellent way to learn more about something. (sarcasm off).