Recovery Help, Tough Sleep Schedule

[quote]turner08 wrote:
Im a grocery driver and start my work week Thursday at 8pm - Friday at 9pm then Saturday at 6:30pm to Sunday at 2 pm and Sunday 11 pm to monday 2am.[/quote]
I’m guessing you’re in the truck and driving pretty much straight through for those hours? So you’re off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?

You can only make the best of the situation, kinda like guys who do 40+ hours of manual labor and still lift. Get your nutrition 100% dialed in. That means at least 3 good meals each day (healthy fats and quality protein, probably pull back carbs when you’re sitting behind the wheel 12+ hours) and a workout shake with quality protein/carbs whenever you lift.

I’d also make it basic mobility work a priority, getting some in whenever you can. With mobility stuff, frequency trumps doing “a lot” of stuff just once or twice a week. Any simple 5-10 minute routine you can put together to address hamstrings, hips, low back, and upper back/t-spine should help in terms of minimizing any tweaks or aches that interfere with recovery.

These two articles should help you get some ideas for stuff you can do anywhere. A foam roller might help, but it’s not really an “any time, any place” item. You could knock out most of these drills standing right next to your truck anytime you stop:

Do you have a lifting schedule/training plan currently in place or are you trying to figure that out too?

Also, just kinda important, but what’s your actual goal and priority with training? Fat loss, strength, size, etc.?