Recommend a Program for My Wife!


My wife is newish to the gym (1st year of training multiple times a week), and we go to a place with no real opportunity to get a PT. She wants to do a program that will help her get more of an hourglass shape and big booty but at the same time is lost in a sea of half-thought-through Instagram advice.

What programs would people recommend?

Literally any program that the guys on here run, so can a woman.

Super squats
Best Damn For Naturals

If your wife wants a bigger butt she should also focus on movements that’ll give her bigger legs, a stronger back, strong hamstrings, etc.

If your wife likes cardio, then she can do it, but she’s going to have to prioritize strength training if she’s wanting to see the results she is looking for/goals she’s wanting.

A full body strength program will probably be plenty for her. I personally am in love with barbell movements, but dumbbells can get the job done equally as well.

Main focuses need to be on how thoroughly she executes the program, day in and day out, and having her stick with the program. Alongside movements that’ll give her the most bang for her buck. Ya know. Squatting and any of its variants, pulling movements or any of the variants, push movements or any of the variants. Keep note of mobility/pre and re-hab stuff as well.


All three of these would do the trick to get her some exposure in the gym. It’s probably worth mentioning that she should read over these and see whatever fits for her goals… Whichever she feels most compelled to do (on her own) is the one that will work best.

Also, anything Bret Contreras puts out there is probably a good program - I just haven’t researched them as I’ve no personal need to have a Kardashian booty :joy:


already shared this post with my wife

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The best program is the one she’ll stick to :wink:
Lower upper split works really good especially for natural lifters. She need to put hard work in to see the results… hard work doesn’t mean “balls to the walls” nonsense though.
To be able to help I’d need to know more details :slight_smile: