Real athletes, real muscle.

Any UFC or pride fans out there ? I have been following the mixed martial arts scene for awhile. Some of these guys have the best of both worlds. They are built like iron pitbulls and have the strength too. Look at fighters like the Shamrock brothers, Vitor Belfort, Mark Kerr, Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. Does anybody know if they consult coaches like Poliquin or King ? Does anybody know some of their routines ? Too bad more people looking to improve their physiques didn’t look to them as role models instead of the bloated IFBB clowns. Any other opinions out there on this topic ?

I think its pretty judgemental to write off the entire ifbb roster as “bloated clowns”…there are some exceptional physiques in the ifbb today, just like there are some pathetic ones in the ufc…that doesnt mean you should write the whole sport off though…especially on a web site which has a heavy bodybuilding following…that should be some food for thought.

Ken Shamrock’s workout regimen is in his book “Inside The Lion’s Den” which you can get at Amazon and most major book stores. Frank Shamrock and Mark Kerr basically do 15-25 reps per weight exercise and work each bodypart once a week. they also do a lot of bodweight calisthenics such as tiger pushups, hindu pushups etc. Check out the major martial arts magazines at you newstand on a regular basis. They often contain information on how these guys train. From what I have read about Coleman and Belfort, they also keep their rep range betweeen 15 and 25.

I’m a fan of UFC but I haven’t been able to watch the action during the past 2 years because I’ve been living in Australia. Could you guys give me some feedback on the results of the last couple of years?

Baker, too be honest and in my opinion, who cares at all about the IFBB and it’s bloated non athletic champions ? They are all POOR role models and not very athletic at that. Now I am sure that a few UFC fighters here and there use some juice, but alot of them don’t. Why not ? Too many down sides to steroid use and the fighting game.

Not to burst your bubble, but if you think kerr, coleman, and belfort aren’t saucing in a major way, your head’s in the clouds. i love nhb, but there is no doubt that a lot of steroid use exists in the sport. in pride 10, ken shamrock, who has admitted to steroid use, had his corner throw in the towel because he was having chest pains, and in pride 9 mark kerr gassed out completely because of a blood sugar imbalance. these may be coincidental–it may be coincidental that vitor belfort went from 180 to 220 to 180 again in a year–but they may also indicate major use of anabolics, gh, insulin, etc.

NOW I am going to bust your bubble !!! Yes Ken Shamrock did use steroids in the past. He was about 245 or so. He is only 215 now, thats not unreasonable at 6"0. Also, Ken took a hard knee blow to his chest, keep that in mind from that pride fight. I agree Vitor probably did use juice when he was well past 200. Mark Coleman is way down now around 220 (He used to be 260) so that blows that theory out of the water. Kerr, was an amateur at 220 (when they test alot) and now is 255 or so, maybe he is using, I don’t know. One other point, never accuse someone without proof, eh !

I don’t care what you say… these guys might be using something of course at one time or another… but to say they are not skilled is ridiculous…and i think their physiques are superior in many ways to most athletes except GREAT gymnastics/leanfootball/pro-boxing if you watch closely you can tell that basically what they do in their fights are usually perfect… no mistakes. once a mistake is made its over. I do question the level of ability in some of the wrestlers after watching some of the others. I think there is steroids in KEN’s regime though… his body has changed so rapidly so many times that its ridiculous and the Lion’s Den has some of the best but still gets their asses kicked continously. I think Frank has proven that Average means less ways to be taken advantage of and Ken and others have proved that it is amazing how a different kind of build can be really amazing against another certain kind. I think we all owe them… we saw what works and what doesn’t… IE: kicking does work… just not for a starting/jab/setup move. anyway its late… later. ive got some really cool questions coming up.