Re-Thinking Ab Training

Personally, one of the greatest benefits I’ve derived from “Testosterone”, it’s contributors and this Forum is how they have all forced me to challenge and re-think “accepted” thought and dogma as it relates to fitness and nutrition. (We all know how much garbage is out there!)

In the December Issue of “Muscle Media” was a cool interview with Shawn Phillips. In it he was asked the Eternal Question: “What exercises do you do for abs?” I thought he gave an insightful answer. In essense he said he did EVERYTHING. In other words, all exercises directly or indirectly benefitted the abs. Being the “core” and primary stabializing area of the body, if you build a strong back, legs, arms, etc., increasing lean body mass in the process, you will in turn develop strong, etched, abs. Neglect other body parts, and your abs will never reach the fullness of their potential.

This was a “re-thinking” moment for me. With each exercise I do, I’ll be thinking (in terms of that elusive “mind/body” connection) of how the abs are involved. Your thoughts?

Shawn Phillips had ab etching surgery done. So don’t expect miracles from his new ab training book just because he looks good. Just thought I’d throw that in before the book hype begins.

Sounds like a good idea, Pavel talked about similar stuff and involving total body esp core in all exercises. Here’s an exercise I discovered for the renegade types that really works abs in a diff way, old tyre and garden rake or broom, push tyre away in sweeping motion, I was pushing some rubbish off the trailer one day and man what an ab burn.

UUuummmm…the guy STILL has an impressive physique, by anybody’s standard…and he’s almost 40!..

Almost 40!! The old fossill, LOL, I agree he looks great, I would need more than etching to look that good and am JEALOUS AS HELL!!