Is there a rough ratio regarding the weight used in the big compound excercises i.e bench, squat ,deadlift that a trainee should attempt to achieve? I’m just wondering because my bench is nearly the same as my squat and my deadlft exceeds both of them!

Great question! I would also be interested in hearing anything about this too. In my case my bench is no where near my squat.

I’ll weigh in on this one but I am sure you will get alot of varied posts. If you are clean (no juice) 1 1/2X body weight would be a good bench. Close to, or over 2X body weight is a great bench. Squatting between 2-3X of body weight is an excellent squat. Over 3X is a great squat. Deadlifting would be similar to squatting. The key with these ratios as far as I am concerned is NO JUICE and PERFECT FORM. Hope this helps.

Thanks JRR, it’s nice to have some sort of figure to gauge how balanced my strength is.

for me my bench is 175% body weight, Squat a little more than bench, but i haven’t ever really maxed out using proper competition form, deadlift i am also unaware of exact number but probably close to 2x body weight.

i think its ok if your squat and deadlift are greater than your bench, but it comes down to how hard you train both of them and their loading paramters, whether you load for maximal strength or hypertrophy. personally i bench less than i squat and squat less than i deadlift.

That’s a loaded question, here’s why…
What you’ll ultimately be able to bench/squat/deadlift depends a lot on your physical structure. Are you tall? Short? Long arms/ short arms? For example, I’m a little over 6’2", with long arms. Which sucks when it comes to my bench, but praise be to god when it comes time to deadlift. I have a friend 1/2 foot shorter than me and approx. 50 lbs lighter who can out bench me by 40 lbs. He’s close to 2xs body weight while I struggle with hitting 1 1/2xs bodyweight. Why? Well, his arms are so short, he barely has to move the bar to bench. Now, does he have a “great” bench while I’m struggling to hit a “good” bench? Does it matter that I’m moving the weight through a much longer range of motion? I certainly hope so. So if you’re tall with long arms, maybe 1 1/2xs bodyweight is a “great” bench, and maybe 2xs bodyweight for a short guy with short arms is only a “good” bench. Its all relative, which is why its hard to know what an “ideal” lift is.

What about technique for these max lifts? Are we talking OL squats or powerlifting squats? Deadlifts from a shoulder width stance or sumo stance?

Anyone that’s is getting 2X bodyweight, short, tall, one leg, no legs etc… has a helluva bench. At least competition wise (no juice). Period, end of statement. If you are on the sauce, a different story.

I am 6-5 with long arms, I bench 405. I can only squat about 250, but I always believed bodyweight should be added to that when comparing it to your bench. I weigh about 268 and I am moving that weight when I squat. I deadlift about 300, once again weight should be factored. I believe the University of Nebraska strength program developed a strength index which figured height and weight into things to compare one athlete to the next. Maybe someone knows the formula. I agree with the previous post though, a fat guy with short arms who can do 2x bodyweight shouldn’t be looked upon as having a better bench than a thin guy with long arms who only 1.5x bodyweight.

Right gang, here are the exact figures. The ratios are 3/4/5. ie 300 bench/400squat/500 deadlift. Shoulder press is 0.6 x bench press.JR