Questions of Fat

I’m about to start a short cutting phase before I plow into the Growth Surge/MAG-10 plan next semester (after finals and the holidays, when I can go hardcore), and I was re-reading Eric Noreen’s article, which recommended cutting down saturated and Omega-6 fats and replacing them with Omega-3s. My problem is that, while I know how to ID saturated fats in my diet, I don’t know where I might be getting a lot of Omega-6 fats. Could anyone either tell me what common Omega-6 sources are, or point me to where I could find the info? One more fat question: Would Chris or John recommend CLA supplementation during the Growth Surge 2 in order to minimize fat gains? Thanks in advance.

Fat gains should be minimal anyway, if you’re following the program correctly. I see no need to take CLA, although the “new CLA” TC has written about looks promising.