Question for Coach Chad W.

Hey Coach CW I have a quick question (or anyone else who has any input). In one of your "Branding Iron"s, you outlined a massive postworkout meal consisting of 1gram of CHO per lb. LBM, .5grams of PRO per lb. LBM, and close to 0g. FAT.

I know you said that this strategy was not for fat loss, but I was wondering if I could combine this eating plan with your Outlaw Strength and Conditioning (which by the way, is the frickin dopest workout ever!) and still see some fat loss. I workout in the mornings before school because it’s the only free time I have.

To give you an idea of the rest of my meals, I just decrease the CHO content as the day progresses. And the last meal I have before going to bed is: 1 grilled chicken breast, 6 fish oil capsules, 1 tbspn of flaxseed oil, 1 cup cottage cheese, some spinach (maybe 1/4 - 1/2 cup or so) and 3 ZMAs.

Thanks for your time.