Question for Bill or anyone who can help:

I remember reading that Androsol would be better than Mag-10 for trying to retain LBM while cutting…I was wondering why this was the case, and also if there would be any benefit to using Mag-10 instead of Androsol while cutting (or is this just out of the question)?

Androsol is better than MAG-10 when one
wants a useful supplemental effect of
extra androgen without much suppression
of natural testosterone. The morning
only protocol in particular is effective
at giving useful support when dieting while
not causing inhibition problems.

MAG-10 is longer acting so is not as
well suited to such use. Being in the
system 24 hours has to be expected (based
on results with pharmaceutical steroids)
to be more inhibitory than the 1x/day
Androsol dosing.

Now, it may be that some very low MAG-10
dose, like 1/4 cap per day, might give
a nice effect (though moderate of course
compared to full-dose) in LBM retention
while not giving an inhibition problem
but if so that’s yet to be determined –
that would be guesswork rather than
any sort of reliable recommendation.

Thanks Bill…I am planning on cutting some fat after a Mag-10 cycle and had a quick question or two: I am currently 5’10" 210 at 13-14% BF, 20 yrs. old…I want to get that down to around 11% or less in a month if possible…what would be a good dosing cycle for androsol (70 sprays morning only?) while cutting for that month, and would you recommend a thermogenic of any type (have never used them, but am interested in products like T2 and MD6)?

I’m using Mag-10 along w/ very low calories right now. Its working great. I’ll post results when I’m done.


I’d use either 35 or 70 sprays morning only,
with the dose depending on how heavily I was dieting. I definitely like using MD6 or an ephedrine/caffeine product while dieting.