Q for Bill Roberts

I compete in powerlifting and was wondering what you would recomend for peaking before a competition. My last contest I started using Test eth 10 wks out at 600mg wk. I added d-bol at 5 tabs a day 8 wks out. The last 2 wks I added Prop. 150 mg. every other day. What do you think? I weigh 220. ALso I just came off from my last meet. SHould I do a 2 on/ 4 off cycle up to my meet or should I stay off untill 10 wks out. I have about 6 months till my next meet. Thanks in advance for the help. IT is greatly appreciated!

I might do 2 on / 4 off while still far out from the competition, but approaching the competition, I’d start a 10 week cycle 10 weeks before.

Leading up to that, what to do would really depend on your training cycle, and would also depend on whether your are wanting to increase your lifts period, regardless of effect on weight class; or are trying to improve performance in the same weight class.

When having “off” weeks, I like for the first off week to still be with decent weight, like 85% 1RM or 90%, whatever I left off at actually. But with reduced volume. Then (if its time in the training cycle to do so) cycling down to lower weight while clean is fine… but you can also stay up in weights while clean. I just don’t like, however, dropping in weights in the first clean week. This seems to give bad losses.

Your stack sounds good, and no reason you can’t get excellent results with it!