Pulled 300x2 for the First Time

deadlifted today, lifts where:
Bench:155x5,165x5, 170x5, 175x4
box squats(low box below paralel, tap n go)
185x5, 225x5,225x5,235x5
Deadlift: 185x6,225x6,275x4,300x2
Bent over row(my weakness)

I have a hard time getting the weight to my chest. I can’t use a heavyy enough weigt to do sets of five and hit all the reps.

I want to hit these number for my powlerlifting team at school this year:

350+ dead
225+ bench
275+ squat to paralel

anyways… any good goal accomplishment stories?


How old are you?

What do you mean by pull to your chest? Deadlifts means lifting bar off ground, arms slack(-ish) - bar doesn’t go higher than your thighs?

I recently pulled 305 (140kg) and just last week I squated 225 (100kg). Still trying to get my bench up (75kg at the moment). I can only get 1 rep at these weights.

22 years old, 5"6’ passing though 70kg now - probably nearer 71kg. Have to start rethinking my diet (too many treats me thinks) since my goal was hit 70 with my dead as it is but squat at 105kg and bench at 85kg.

Rock On!

Yeah, whats your age? How Huuuuuuge are you?

Sprry, I was out of town.
I’m 16 and weigh 160-165. Pretty scrawny. A 300 pouund dead has been a longtime goal on mine.

pulling to my chest was about bent over rows.

I’ve been lifting for a little over a year now.

I have to maintain my weight until winter is over. TO remain in my weightclass in powerlifting, then I can go up to the 181( I think) weightclass next year.