Psuedo ephedrine

you guys a probably sick of my asking about psuedo ephedrine but I ordered some ephedrine and it doesnt look like its coming. SO how much psuedo ephedrine should I use to get similar weight loss results

Where are you from? I assume you’re Canadian. I’m in Toronto and there are stores that carry Ephedrine HCL.

Im from Australia

Great weather, no ephedrine :frowning:
Can’t help you, sorry. But if memory serves me, NHL players used it for a stimulant effect with caffeine at a dose of multiple sudafed pills per serving. Try 30 mg of Psuedo ephedrine (adjust up or down depending on your tolerance) and experiment from there.
I’m sure someone on the Steroids and Other Drugs Froum can help you out better than I have.

Hey Big rob thanks for your help.

No worries, mate!