Protein supplements

I guess this must have been asked a million times before…

What’s the difference between products like Grow!, Advanced Protein, and Surge? I just want a good protein supplement to take with my post work-out nutrition and some other meals as well. Is there a benefit to using one of these products over another? or is it taste related or what? Thanks.

Surge is tailored for post workout nutrition by combining carbs and protein in a manner which spikes insulin levels, so as to deliver nutrients to your muscles faster. Grow! is ok after workouts, but is mostly intended as a ‘meal replacement’…although you can turn Grow! into a good post workout shake by adding some sugary carbs. Advanced Protein is a low carb protein powder, which can be used when on a low carb or ketogenic diet, or to just add extra protein to the diet. The benefit of one over the other lies in timing…Surge is excellent only for post workout…Grow! is an all around good meal replacement/protein supplement w/ excellent taste and texture…Advanced protein is well, just protein, but good protein at that.