protein intake

I have been building mass for the last couple weeks and had used mag-10 with good results. But, now it is time to lose some bodyfat. I thought about trying the T-Dawg diet, but I saw that the recommended protein intake is only .8 grams per pound of bodyweight. I weigh about 200 pounds, and to take in 160 grams of protein daily on a cutting diet would make me think i would lose muscle, because i usually take in at least 250-300 grams. Can anyone offer me some advice?

My observations are that when dieting, protein intake much higher than that doesn’t improve muscle retention. In fact, for same calories, muscle retention is better to have only about this many grams of protein (I use 1 g/lb LBM
as my figure) and allow a certain amount of carbs and fats, rather than take protein above this at the cost of less carbs and fats.

He’s about the last person on Earth who needs me to back him up, but I would second what Bill said. 1 gm/lb. of protein while dieting has always worked well for me.

thanks for the reply. What would you say the best fat loss diet is?