Protein intake during ketogenic diet

The original anabolic/T Dawg diet article says that one should take 1.6-1.8 g protein per kg bw and the rest of the calories should be fat calories. In all the other articles it says that during dieting one should take approx. 3.2 g/kg (1.5 g/lb). So, what’s correct?

The ratio usually given for ketodiets is 70%fat and 30%protein. The caloric intake is also usually 12calories/lb of LBM. If you weigh 200lbs then your eatting 2400cals and 180gProtein which is 0.9g/lb. If you the same ratio and cals/lb, it will always be .9 regardless of the dieter’s weight. Keto authors allow lower protein intakes because the diet is supposed to be protein sparing and all that fat would slow the digestion rate of the protein.

That’s interesting. I seem to remember reading that keto diets require a higher protein intake. The reasoning being that, in the absence of carbs, a higher proportion of amino acids would be metabolized for fuel. This would leave less protein available for muscle growth and maintenance. Any other ideas?

Actually, too high of a protein intake will result in the excess protein being turned to GLUCOSE, and prevent you from entering, or staying in, ketosis. .8 - .9 grams/lb is acurate.

Yes, MarkG, I know that - it’s called gluconeogenesis or something like that and it’s promoted via glucagon path. (sorry if I misspelled something, but being a native Croatian it’s somewhat hard to keep up with all the science stuff). That’s exactly why I am asking this question… We all know that 3 g/kg does hell of a job in keeping lean body tissue while dieting… so, which is it? Sacrifice lbm for ketosis or going for 3 g/kg or more and being in danger of not being in ketosis? If you ask me, all the guys in my gym including competitive bodybuilders don’t care about ketosis and they up their protein intake during dieting, even up to 6 g/kg during preparation… of course, they up their GH, insuline and anabolic intake too. :slight_smile:

The whole benefit of a ketogenic diet is that the ketosis in and of itself is muscle-sparing. If your going to keep your protein intake so high that it converts to glucose, thus negating the keto effect, whats the point of doing a ketogenic diet in the first place? You may as well do a traditional low calorie moderate carb diet. With a ketogenic diet, I’m able to keep my over all calorie intake HIGHER, compared to a diet including carbs, and still lose more body fat.

I wouldnt worry much about being in Ketosis. I’m doing the Anabolic Diet but keep protein around 1.5g per lb. bodyweight. In an interview on this site with Dr. Dipasquale, the author of the Anabolic Diet, he said it isnt necessary to be in ketosis and actually not desirable. Even Poliquin recommends 1-2g protein per lb. bodyweight for a low carb diet. So i’d go for the extra protein, after all, eating 70% protein just makes me feel gross.

I guess that despite not being in ketosis, the point might be in termogenic effect of protein. 100 kCal of carbs is not equal to 100 kCal of protein, because it takes more than 30 kCal to process 100 kCal of protein and only 5 kCal to process 100 kCal of carbs…