Prohormone consumer reviews

I don’t know if this will be posted or not,but I thought I’d ask. Has any one tried paradeca, decavar, or testovar? and if so how did you like it? What kind of results did you get? and how did those results compare with Androsol? I trust the opinions on this site more than any others. I have until the middle of May to gain lean muscle and after that I start contest prep. I want to go into it without using illegal compounds and wanted to know what people thought of these products.

Read the ‘Rater-X’ article in paper issue 3 or search for it. Also read the 3/23 BTS.

I was aware of the article, but wanted to know if any one had tried these supplements. I’m most likely going to order some Androsol. I agree that the names for these supplements are bull, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work. I do trust the writers for Testosterone, but those companies are their competition. I would like to go by the writers opinions along with first hand accounts of the products use before I make a final $100+ decision.

Sorry, Dave, but I don’t think any literate/intelligent people have used those products. Therefore, you might not get a reply.

I tried ParaDeca - this was before I discovered Androsol - Paradeca is crap. I have a half used bottle sitting in my kitchen (the big 240ml type) - I don’t even want to stack it with Androsol!

That’s about the responce I thought I’d get, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks for the imput. I’ll be ordering Androsol tommorrow. I still would be curious as to what people that have tried them would say. I know if I put down that much money and got no results I’d want some pay back…money or otherwise. At least if I don’t like Androsol I can get my money back. I know I was extremely happy with GROW!. I might as well take the next step.

I was suckered into trying the above three products before I was smart enough to find this site. The all suck. It is nothing but a marketing scam to get you to buy thier products. The best gains I have gotten is thru proper diet and biotest supplements.


Thanks Tman and Jim. My mind is totally made up now!