Precautionary measures?

Just read that Avenger anti-aircraft missiles have been stationed around the nation’s capital along with increased radar capabilities to help defend against possible terrorist strikes. The article ( also described ways to protect you and your family in the event of a biological, chemical, or “dirty nuclear bomb” attack. Other reports from around the country say that many places have run out of things like duct tape and plastic sheeting which can be used to seal windows and doors in the event of such an attack. What about you? Is anybody concerned enough to stockpile extra water, canned goods, etc.? Anybody go out and buy extra batteries for their radios and flashlights, or even look into purchasing air-purifying respirators (gas masks)? Obviously, your level of concern would have to do with your location, but I was wondering if anyone is worried enough at this point to take any precautionary measures?

Don’t waste your time worrying about this stuff. When it is time to go you will go. But seriously the duct tape and plastic idea is really not a good one. You would have to make your house air tight in order to keep any biological or chemical agents from getting in. If, and this is a big if, you were able to do that then you would die from lack of Oxygen. Do yourself a favor and make a plan with your loved ones to give them a call or meet in a specific place if something happens but for the most part I wwould say the thing that will save everyone is being calm. Oh and make sure you check in with the big T-man upstairs if you know what I mean.


I have at least a week’s worth of weights stored in the basement…Just in case.

I live in pittsburgh so I am not concerned at all…if the entire city was completely destroyed by a nuclear bomb it would take at LEAST a week for anyone to find out. “what happened to Pittsburgh?” “eh, I don’t know…”

I think it is the same as " duck’n cover". Its just used to put peoples’ minds at ease and make them think think they have more authority over protecting themselves.

This BS being spouted off by Bush is just his way of garnering support for the impending war with Iraq. Besides, what the hell is plastic and duct tape going to do? Absolutely nothing. Just more fear-mongering from our government and media. No, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I think Bush’s motives are crystal-clear here.

When exactly did our government tell us to buy duct tape and plastic?

And, Tyler, please tell us what’s so “crystal clear” about the situation that the rest of us just can’t grasp.

Not worried, let them bomb. WE’ll bomb them back, Fuck it.

Saran wrap and ducttape will do nothing for you, simply because there is no possible way that your knowledge of the attack would give you sufficient time to tape a damned thing. If a cropduster went overhead, the ETA for people that would actually be affected would probably be ten to twenty minutes, at most. We have no more air raid sirens, at least not where I live. Even if you knew at the moment of take off, there is no way most people could seal up an entire house.

Hey! Some of my best dates revolved around duct tape and plastic.