Airforce protacal

Hey fly boys! Could any of you please tell me proper protocal when a comercial plaine goes of flight plane? What happens after the FAA calls and do you need permision from The doing ANYTHING!? Are there planes scramble ready at all times everywere?

I guess I should’ve specified Airforce T-men. and correction "off course(flight plan).My 3 yr. old was yelling in my ear for some juise.

According to the news there are planes in the air all the time flying patterns so they are available quickly. There are a couple of Generals that can authorize a shoot down if the President can’t be reached in time. As to what constitutes action requiring a shoot down I’m sure they have a couple of rules to follow.

Bin? Is that you? …

These are scary times to be asking questions like those. Don’t ya think?

They didn’t need the Presidents ok to scramble when that golf pros jet went off course from Florida! Now you have me currious! Any Airforce guys want in on this?

Gentleman and ladies, the president is yes your leader, but he is basically a poster boy as well. Most of your military descions will fall onto the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Cammandants of the respective services, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, or similuar positions. These tactical and military descions are descided amongst these civilian positions and General officers to present the President with the best possible outcome for the American people. The President obviously is the Commander in Chief for the military but those descions are pretty much made from within his elected civilians and military General officers, who by all means are his military and tactical experts. And yes, there are available fighter jets everywhere. The eastern and western coasts are your most protected areas. The midwest and other areas are sparatically fortified with bases. But, any area of the US can be heavily responded to within minutes. There is no need to worry. The US is and always will be the world’s 911 force prepared for anything at anytime, especially within her own boundries. The attacks of September 11, were not a ‘normal’ attack on our soil. They were cowardly attacks with no real military agenda, just the distruction of innocent civilian lives. Quickly, abruptly, and without any representation of the attackers. Terroristic attacks such as those are very difficult to foresee, but a new awareness of its possibilty is now evident, and new respect for the American military is now brought forth. They were a wake up call to those who thought that the US was wasting money on her military. That ignorance has tied the hands of the military leaders for quite sometime. The American people are going to have to lose a little bit of innocence in exchange for a little more security. The responsible indivuals of those cowardly acts are now seeing what a real military operation looks like. OUT HERE.

SO! No AIrforce or National Gruard pilots out there willing to comment. I can understand that. You gotta do what the CO tells you right? Even if it goes against every moral fiber in your body. There are scrambled jets every time a plane goes off course because it is reported directly to the Airforce or National Guard by the FAA not to the President or Pentagon first. Do you think for one minute that the Pres. has nothing better to do but sit by the phone just to give the order to shoot down a sesna or commercial missle.Prove me wrong or is this still the land of the free.