Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding

I want to train for pure strength and bulk at the moment, not interested in definition as of yet. I have heard that training like a powerlifter as opposed to a bodybuilder is good for this ie doing only squat, deadlift and bench.

Are there any powerlifters out there that can help me out? How do I train for this? Do i do all 3 power lifts the same day? And what rep /weight should I be doing? Is this a good method for developing a good mass of muscle?

Training to be a powerlifter really means training to increase your max in each lift.
For your purposes it doesn’t have to be tested by the 3 powerlifts,It can be done in many lifts.Read Dave Tate,Fred Hatfield,there is an article by Poliquin in Tesosterone about max training.Start with http://www.elitefts.com/
Hope ths helps


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DO a search on this site for Dave Tate
or go direct to his site on

Check out everything that Dave Tate has written for T-mag and then check out his site at elitefts.com. I trained using the Westside style of periodization for about 4 months and saw the greatest strenght and mass gains that I have ever seen. The westside guys (Dave Tate, Louie Simmons, etc) really know what is going on and if you train like them, you should expect to gain some serious strength and muscle.

I do the same exact thing myself…periods of bodybuilding sessions, followed by periods of powerlifter traininer for strength improvement…yay! Just do a search on this site for ANY of Dave Tate’s material…his sample training programs have gone through many iterations and are VERY effective…

Read Dave Tate’s articles, throw the search feature.