Power Drive retake

I bought some powerdrive a while back (like a year plus ago) and got nothing out of it. Nada. Thought it was complete bunk. I am kinda kicking myself for writing this, but today i went to nutrisport to give it a second chance. I had been feeling kinda “foggy” today, and most of this week actually, but i took it 2 hrs ago and feel “clear” right now, and i actually felt a little (very mildly) wired for the first hour. I am glad i gave it a second chance, serriously. Sorry, this kinda is an ad, i didn’t want it to be. oh well.

I’ve had the same reaction-I don’t “feel” anything from PD unless I am fatigued or otherwise down. So I just use it now as needed. However, it always seems to give me a extra couple of reps when I workout,regardless of how it makes me feel.