Power Cleans, anyone?

For anyone who trains in the olympic lifts… I’m not training for competition or anything, but I do love to do power cleans. However, as I have been getting more serious about it and starting to get to weights that are heavy for me, I have been having a tough time getting down the technique necessary for proper execution. I believe a lot of this is a matter of improper warm ups. I currently do 3 or 4 warm up sets in the cleans before getting to my top weight for triples. However, I am under the impression that 3 or 4 warm up sets isn’t enough because I don’t feel “lubed up” on the technique by the time I get to my work sets. Does anyone out there who does power cleans regularly have any good ideas on how to warm up and get the technique smooth, but at the same time, without overtaxing my system and sacrificing quality during the working sets? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

I do one set with 75% of my target load for my target reps, 5. I then load to my goal weight and do 1 or 2 sets of 1. I have nearly removed all warm-ups from my training, almost

Work up to your target weight. If I am doing a heavy day of power cleans and say I want to do 295 for my last set. I will work up in weight by starting with 154 (kg bumper set) then add weight from there. I would be very careful doing max effort powercleans. Remember that the heavier weight you are cleaning, the more your form will break down.