Ok, what the fuck. My friend just got busted for having a doob and a pipe and his car got impounded. He was pulled over for speeding and the cop said he looked nervous so he searched him. So anyway, he’s been smoking pot non-stop for about maybe 6 months or more now. Its quite ridiculous. Him and my other friend they both smoke just about everyday. So when I ask if he’s done smoking pot he says, “I’m just not going to smoke as much.” and my other friend I posed the same question to, he says “Why should I?” So I called him stupid, and he proceeded to call me a “fucking retard” and then I asked what it would take before he would quit and I said something about “gasping for air after walking up a flight of stairs, or do you already do that?” And then he puts me on his block list and I haven’t talked to him since. Ok, I’m a firm believer in all things are good in moderation. But smoking everyday non-stop is definately not moderation, and just cutting back a little is still not. What the fuck is wrong with people? My dad always tells me “Stupid people don’t learn from their own mistakes. Smart people don’t make the same mistake twice. Wise people learn from other people’s mistakes.” I, being a former pothead, have quit just about totally, only smoking maybe once every few weeks if that. Not too shabby. So I guess the reason for me posting this is to ask you all, how would you go about this situation? Just sit back and watch or try to do something about it? I really hate to see my friends destroying themselves.

“Wisdom Cannot Be Transmitted. Except Between Those Who Don’t Need It.”

Campiche's Law

i got a bunch of ‘friends’ in similar situations. as much as it sucks, you can only advise them to a point. either they’ll listen or they won’t.

for me, i have even MORE friends who just smoke cigarettes…this boggles my mind cuz at least pot gets you high and doesn’t leave the taste of shit in your mouth. i mean if you’re gonna smoke a cigarette, at least smoke a good one (i.e. a nat sherman or somethin). anyway these people, regardless of my advice have continued to smoke and smoke and smoke. i guess the point of all this is to say people generally need to come to decisions themselves. its the same with everything, smoking, drinking, weight loss, etc. a person has to wake up and be like ‘aight im stoppin’ such and such, whatever vice that may be.

i wonder what smokin a J after a hard workout would do, physiologically speakin tho…

You imparted wisdom to them. Its not your problem anymore.

I don’t know if your friends are addicted or they just really like to kick back and fire it up, but believe me, you can get addicted, I’ve been there/done that. I used to need to smoke at least a couple bowls a day, starting in the morning driving to work or school. Your friends don’t think it’s a problem right now, hopefully they’ll grow out of it, I did.

I have been in your situation before bro, the only thing to do is sit back and let them figure it out for themselves. If you try and intervene it will only make matters worse.

Pete? Are you refering to ‘sherm’, like dipping a cigarette in fermaldahyde(sp)? If so, that has got to be one of the dumbest things you can do to get high.

i like your dads line. i am gonna have to use that. what is shitty is it is 100% true… some ppl do not learn until they are forced. by jail, money problems, or whatever else. some people MUST learn the hard way. why, i havent a clue. i try to learn from my and other peoples mistakes. but some people just need to get that final kick upside the head that can destroy their life before they learn. it seems like you are not that type of person, and congrats on controlling your habit. maybe your friend is lost… sucks, but it may be true. i have lost more than one friend to the ever popular buddha.

Repeat after me: pot is not the Devil. YOu need to be mad at the dirtycops who busted your friend, not him. He was minding his own business, smoking pot. YOu say hes destroying his life, how, by smoking to much pot? Sorry, we need more to go on to decide if hes out of hand and requires help.

Leave him alone…It’s his own buisness not yours.

Ok let me address a few issues. I am NOT ANTI-POT. I am the one that got them all started smoking pot in the first place. But I, unlike them, realized when too much was too much. When I first started smoking I had so much fun, it was the best time I ever had. But they just ended up smoking everyday just to get through the day. Yes you are right it is none of my business, but I am just trying to be a good friend. Good friends look out for each other. Yes, I am mad at the police as well. Pot really is not a big fucking deal, not at all. Definately not worth getting arrested and getting your car impounded, but still, that is the law as it is now. Sucks, but oh well.

Why be mad at the police, they didn’t make the laws. If you’re going to break the laws, as written by the elected officials of this country, you can’t blame others (only yourself and politicians) for the consequences. Your friend should do life for the stupidity of carrying that around is his car! Why do people keep doing that? I don’t smoke pot and never will, but I really couldn’t give a shit if someone smoked themselves into a coma. However, since it’s presently illegal I just can’t understand why people still do stupid shit that ends up getting them busted. Like the idiot I saw the other day riding around with a pot leaf sticker on the rear windshield. Why doesn’t he just call in on his cell phone and let the cops Know which exits he’s passing and what his car looks like. If you got it, keep it at home, just damn.

Drug laws suck cock, but it is foolish to take the fall. Some people just get fucked up on drugs, and the shit is that you never know who and what drug until it happens. There are probably 100 times as many people who get fucked up on booze than pot, but no one really tries to talk anyone out of drinking, it is usually encouraged at University and High School.
If I were you I would just ask small questions and let my freind do the math. Ask him how much $ he has spent, how many times he has been high in the past week, and stuff like that. Also, little comments like “Getting high if fucking wicked huh?” and “All the cool kids get high” will just make him crazy.

You have a bad attitude,pud. Why hate the cops? Well why hate the NAZIs? They were just doing their job.

You know why you cant understand people doing illegal shit? Because youre not like us. Were not scared little bitchboys, Sucker!

I reccomend everyone drive around with a pot sticker and a 9MM pistol. When the cop tries to search your car for having a sticker, shoot him in the face. Be a T-man.

Holy shit! MooCow posted something I agree with! Look folks, if you want to change the laws, then you have a mechanism to do so. Get to the voting booths at election time. If you don’t like laws and choose to break them, sooner or later you’ll get caught. When you do, you can snivel and whine all you want, but guess what? You’ll STILL be someone’s girlfriend in the can. Be a man and accept responsibility for your actions. And Cockmongrel, you really aren’t comparing cops in America to Nazis, are you? If so, then you need to read your history books a little closer. I can’t believe I’m wasting my energy by trying to enlighten you, but here goes. American cops have a whole list of things that they can’t do. Are they all angels? Of course not. But they can lose their jobs and go to jail for screwing up. Nazi police did not have a list of no-nos. Mouth off, and you get a bullet in the head, no questions asked, no internal affairs investigation, no suing the department, no nothing. American cops work for the executive branch of the government, whose policies and procedures can be changed by voting citizens (not that you’ve ever exercised this civic duty-I doubt you could even recognize the business end of a pencil). Nazi police worked for Hitler, whose policies were rather “inflexible”, if you will. If he said it was so, then it was. As for your suggestion to shoot cops in the face…you REALLY should come visit MT sometime. We have LOTS of armed citizens (I’m one of them) who would deal with your kind in much the same way you were dealt with 150 years ago. I’ll give you a hint…the word starts with a “v” and ends with an “e”. Come on up to visit, but be warned…bring a 9mm and you’ll be SERIOUSLY outgunned. :slight_smile:

“You have a bad attitude,pud. Why hate the cops? Well why hate the NAZIs? They were just doing their job.” Boy you have an odd idea of what Nazis are. Turd burglar, cops are a constitutional and legit law enforcement branch. They enforce the laws OUR ELECTED officials create. If the populace doesn’t like the laws they can vote for people who wish to change them. I know it hurts your brain to wrap you feeble mind around that concept. And, where are the concentration camps by the way? Why do the weak minded always pull out the Nazi card? “You know why you cant understand people doing illegal shit? Because youre not like us. Were not scared little bitchboys, Sucker!”
No, it’s because I’m not a fucking idiot who would risk imprisonment to get high. It’s called choosing your battles wisely. Second, I never said pot should be Illegal, but it is through the legit power of the office of duly ELECTED officials. Again, I understand you’re too slow to catch on to the fact that we do elect that people who enact these laws. If it’s to be changed do it through it through the voting booth. What’s wrong, you’re cause doesn’t stand up to a democratic system? “reccomend everyone drive around with a pot sticker and a 9MM pistol. When the cop tries to search your car for having a sticker, shoot him in the face. Be a T-man” Yeah, and to the real T-men who risk their lives nearly everday for strangers (the cops), when they take this dipshits advice, keep shooting until you remove him and his scumbag friends from our midst.

Ok fine, cops arent Nazis. But I know some who are. Military Police. I was on terminal leave after completing 3 years. I had one week til discharge. I had already gotten my honorable discharge papers.

I went back to the base one last time to smoke with my friends. I never considered getting caught. Some little bitch that got in trouble for fake IDs asked me to sell him an 8th. It was all a setup.

The fucking cops bust in like SWAT. They arrested me and my friends. I was court-martialed and got 7 months for “being a drug dealer” which I clearly was set up for.

This gives me the right to hate cops. They fucked up my life and I didnt deserve it. See, were on different sides of the war. The war on Drugs. Is every Afgani evil? NO. IS every cop evil? NO. Are they our enemies? Yes because of one act of aggresion by their kind.

You guys can sit there and defend cops all you want. You havent been there.

Okay, that’s it. I’m out of this discussion. I just feel horrible entering into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Cockmongrel, I’m sorry, I should have noticed you were “special” from the tone of your other posts. My bad.

So, basically you’re saying this animosity is due to getting arrested for doing and selling drugs on a military base? You’ve got to be kidding me. What did you expect? You knew full well the risks you took. My god, to actually go back onto a base to do this…holy shit brainiac. You might as well have fired up a crack pipe in front of a police precint while molesting the Cheif’s daughter.

Don’t fight it. You are merely being moved towards the path of enlightenment.