The cops fucked up your life? How, by doing their job? You fucked up your life by committing an illegal act and getting caught genius. Accept responsibility for your own mistakes instead of trying to blame someone else. That’s really fucking pathetic.

You Bastards.

Cockmogrol…you rock! Most people I know of in the military are pot heads…Shit I think it makes them better. The only branch I haven’t burned with is the navy…I wonder what they do to them out at sea? Anyway, I write my government periodically on the issue, one day they will get the message. I suggest people do that, they don’t listen, but who knows, it just might make a difference one day.

The problem with society, is people automatically assume things are terrible, or “wrong” just because it’s illegal. Not every law is made to protect us. As I’ve said before, and will say many more times… FUCK THE MACHINE! FUCK THE LAW! Ok, I’m done. :wink:

Demo and friends you have make you point wonderful with the help of that poor victim of self importance.
Cock… you word is worth NOTHING!!! You swore an OATH!! But you were to self involved to honor your own word!!! What kind of human being are you?
Stupid is as Stupid does!