Post workout shake

Being that I live in Perth Australia Biotest surge is not available so I have been Taking WPIsolate and WPCasienate together with two tablespoons of Dextrose .
Now for my question.
Is dextrose a bad choice . It definatly gives you that blood sugar rush and is two table spoons too much simple carbs .
Eagerly waiting a reply

Tom, if anything add more carbs. I use about 30g of dextrose and 30g of maltodextrin.

Tom,I second NK,at 30 grams I would be more worried about not getting enough carbs.Simple carbs are fine after a workout,your glycogen storage enzymes are in hyperdrive,and incoming carbs will be preferentially used to replenish muscle glycogen.If you are trying to replicate the Surge formula,I believe the main carb source is maltodextrin(a.k.a. glucose polymers).Go to your local chemist and ask for Poly-Joule' glucose polymer powder,it comes in a 950g tin,costs around $12 here in Melbourne.Lately,to save money,I have been using Brewise’ brewing sugar,the one with 600g Dextrose and 400g Maltodextrin per kilo(they have a few different formulas).It is available in some Coles supermarkets for less than $5 a kilo.You could also add a small amount of fructose to the mix,that is supposed to increase insulin output.Good luck.