Posing for an Art Class

I think it was TC that said that the ultimate goal of what we do, training, dieting, etc, is to look good nekkid. I’m just wondering how many here are comfortable enough with their bodies and the progress that they have made so far, that they would pose nude. No, I’m not making any offers, it’s just that I have an opportunity to pose nude for an art class and I’d like to know what others here would do if given this type of opportunity.

Phil, go for it. You’ll never regret the opportunity. But, you’ll always regret one not taken. I had a client who I put 28lbs of lean weight on and he was then offered the same opportunity. It went well, and he was even offered a private photo shoot with a student(female). The student shots some great photos. In fact one was published in a mainstream magazine, not bodybuilding related. She took photos of him nude, but most were waist up, wrapped in thick chains, ropes, fish net, etc. The photos actually looked better than the ones in the bodybuilding mags. Go for it. You might grace the covers of a popular mag.

I would do it in a second, it sounds like fun.

first of all i would ask myself “who is in the art class”. if it was a lot of girls and they were hot i would definately do it. if it was mostly guys though or there werent any real attractive chicks then i wouldn’t want to sit there for hours and let them draw pictures of my wang.

Bodz is right, participate in life’s opportunities while you can, and this is even something considered fairly respectable. I’d do it if I was a guy, I’m not shy, but being female always complicates any nude activities :slight_smile: Make sure the room is nice and warm! hehe

Go for it bro. I at one point was asked to do a fashion show when I was younger. I almost backed out, however my girl at the time pushed me to do it, and it was great. I ended up doing 4 or 5 more…even one in NYC. You learn a lot from different experiences. For me I learned that from the audience perspective, it looks pretty good, but backstage…its a mess…your rushing around and changing, and to be honest, by the time your halfway thru the show you don’t care who is seeing you half naked, because your just trying to get into your next outfit. I had great looking girls next to me stripping down…and not one of us was checking out the other…we were all too busy trying to get ourselves put together for the next part of the show. I had never experienced anything like that…and I learned quite a bit from it. So go for it bro…you never know where it leads!!

Jeremy here…(officially shortening to Nelms as my handle)… Anyway, I did the art class thing, and it was a blast. I posed 3-4 times, and it’s a lot of fun, and people really respected me for it. Go for it!

Actually, the “look good nekkid” thing was coined by Chris, but I’ve stolen the line so many times that it’s often attributed to me.

Hi Phil. I had a scholarship at a regional art school when I was 19. I was broke the first year I was there and so decided to do the art modelling thing for two semsters. It was lots of fun, the work was interesting, and the money paid the rent. I got over any self-consciousness I had, which turned out to be useful in the long-term. Just don’t do a scuplture class. They all worked in stone and I couldn’t move for 15 weeks! Of course, I got to see my naked ass rendered in marble and displayed all over campus at exam time. And this was quite uplifting, really (tounge in cheek).

Even a reply from TC himself, I’m flattered. Actually I don’t need encouragement to do the posing, I had already decided that I was going to do it. I was just wondering how many others either have or would do it if given the opportunity. I’m surprised so many of you have done this. Sounds like they were all positive experiences. It should be fun. Although I could think of a way to make it even more fun…

A Girl, if you’re not shy, you’re welcome to come along. I could try to convince them to do a couple pose instead, that might make it easier for you ;-)

I actually am an artist, with a degree in studio art. During my college years, we used male and female models routinely, so let me describe it for you (since people are often curious). Female models were actually more common and willing, and almost none of them had perfect bodies–and perfection wasn’t the point. All body types were useful to us, and it didn’t matter if they were vixens or Rosies. Males were more shy because of two fears: nervous shrinkage, or nervous erection. Neither ever happened, incidentally, although one female model did wet herself out of fear once. It’s amazing, though, that the students are so amazingly professional and classy about it–no comeons, no laughter, nothing at all. We were grateful for the chance to draw or paint this way. The models were always treated with absolute respect and confidentiality, and the artwork was often stunning. I never modelled, but I completely appreciate those who do. It’s difficult, and a lot of men misunderstand the process and try to strike poses or appear dramatic, when all we actually needed was casual sitting, reclining, or leaning. I say go for it–EVERYONE has the “perfect” body for artist’s modelling.

Well, I tell you what, I’ve done it and it was one of the best motivational techniques I’ve ever used! No way you’re going to cheat on your diet when you’re about to be surrounded by a class full of people, under a bright white light butt naked!

Also I got a lot of positive feedback from the people in the class because most of their models are out of shape. One more thing, it’s more of a big deal if you MAKE it a big deal. I mean, some of the models would go hide in a dressing room then come out in a robe and only strip for the pose. They’d put the robe back during breaks and go back into the dressing room to put their clothes on. Huh? I dropped trou right there and just stayed naked until class was over. They got used to it and it was soon no big deal. I was about 9% bf at the time and about 175 pounds at 5’10 so I wasn’t like Steve Reeves or anything. Project confidence and you’ll be fine.

They’d run out of clay making me. Besides I couldn’t stand still that long, I’d just have to beat-off.

Go for it dude. I’d do it if I had the chance.

Akicita if A Girl takes me up on my offer I don’t think it would be nervousness that would be causing an erection.

It is what I do for a living! usually over a grand a week and these are short weeks (4 days) and work any day I want! So yeah this makes me feel very comfortable